Broke my Lumia 640 glass

Hi guys,

Unfortunately what’s in the subject happened and I’ve been scouting youtube videos and forums on how to fix it. I’m now coming to ask for your expertise, experience and opinion to fix it.

The touch screen is working fine and the colors in the LCD are fine as well, so I assume the only thing that broke was the glass. This glass part is very cheap (around 10x cheaper) than the all screen body, so I am more inclined to try to fix the glass only,

On youtube there are a few videos on how to change the screen of a Lumia 640, which is pretty straigh forward, but there are none of how to change the glass only (could only find for Lumia 920).
My understanding of the daunting task ahead is that the glass is glued to the screen, instead of the frame, which makes the repairs process more complicated and prone to issues.

What is your advice on this?

I found a guy with similar problem, I really hope this thread is any helpful. Basically, yes, the whole glass is glued to the screen, and you will need a hairdryer. It also suggests that the previous model, 635, has the same build with only minor changes, so you can try looking up some videos on that one.


I have a lot of experience in that.
Long story short, get the lcd with digitizer and frame preassembled.
Just take my word for it :relaxed:

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Thank you both for the responses.

@pauliunas that was the first thread I checked and I searched for the 635 videos of disassembling the glass only, but could really find any (only removal of the full screen).

@Ervin Thanks. That’s what I will do. I already ordered the glass only, but will order a full screen then. Any recommendation or anything available on ebay is fit?


Look at Aliexpress. There are comments from buyers, unlike ebay… So you can pick better
It’s also cheaper a bit…

Thanks Ervin. My concerns over Aliexpress is the customs. How will I know if I need to pay?

It’s exactly the same as ebay experience. And customs are bound to your country of origin laws.

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If you live in Europe, for this price (around 80€, right?) you will only need to pay VAT when receiving the parcel. Keep an eye on the postage tracking system, the post usually asks you to supply them with a receipt. You can wait for their letter, or find it in tracking page faster - at least that’s how it works in Lithuania. It might be different, but it’s something similar across Europe.

Thanks, but I’ve checked and in the UK over £15 you need to pay VAT (tax). Over £135 one would also need to pay custom “duties”.

Yes, and that’s exactly what I said there :slight_smile:
“you will only need to pay VAT when receiving the parcel.”

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Sorry, I misread what you said there :wink:

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Hey no problem mate. We all sometimes misread :smiley:

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And my 5 cents here;)

Make sure not to go for the cheapest option in aliexpress. I would also suggest trying eBay and buy more expensive module not to get a fake one. Long time ago when i had iPhone 3gs, I broke my glass and then replaced the while module. Replacement glass wasn’t gorilla and broke the next day in small pieces.

My advice is to ask seller if it authentic/ original part.

As for taxes it’s easy especially in eBay as you can have taxes prepaid.


Thanks all.

I have bought from Ebay in order to get it in less than week. The screen is changed and everything is working fine :slight_smile:


Huh? Why did you reply to me? I already provided an answer to the OP, and I didn’t ask for help… :confused:
As you can see, the issue has been resolved 9 months ago:

So please don’t necro threads like this.