Bringing Eve Community to Social Media

Hello Community,

We have a new project for you all to get involved in, this time it’s community development, rather than our standard product development. Our goal here is to make the high quality information stored in accessible to a larger audience via social media.

The level of passion and expertise within this community is incredible. We are proud to have such brilliant minds as a part of the development process, but as it stands that knowledge is not easily discoverable by the wider internet.

For example Cleer Flow 2 review thread has gotten so much insights on headphone testing but it’s all hidden deep in the forums. We plan to change that using social media!

What Social Media Platforms will we use?

To begin with, we are looking into Instagram (@EveCommunityIG). Instagram allows for rich image based storytelling, with many options for polls, Q&A’s, and other engaging types of content that fit well with the way you already interact with the website.

Once Instagram is established we are open to expanding onto other platforms such as Reddit, but we would of course like to know your thoughts on how this could be best accomplished.

What about the old social media accounts?

The Eve Devices Instagram account and Facebook page are here to stay but they will be mostly used as advertising accounts. With the new @EveCommunityIG Instagram account we want to create a much more interactive, story driven experience, for members of the community and casual viewers to engage with the story of Eve, to get to know the ideas, processes and people that have come together to create the Eve T1, V and Spectrum.

Do we really need Social Media, isn’t enough?

The boards are essential to how we crowd develop products and it is here to stay. However with the pace of most people’s daily lives, being able to reach audiences where they spend the most time online is essential, not only to grow the community, but to help us sell the products that we are developing together. With that being said, the tone and type of posts for on social media will be much more informative and conversational, we want to keep any sales language to a minimum and focus on showing off our most valuable asset, the combined knowledge of Think of social media as a place where we report the news and casually share information about the more focused product development that takes place at

Which one are you more interested in?

  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • Other (Please write below)

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Naturally the most enthusiastic, informed and useful people from outside of the community, will be funneled into, to help development. Although we will still reach out for ideas and input from the wider social media users, active members of, who have the expertise to suggest the best features, will certainly have more influence on design direction than a casual Instagram user.

So how can the community help us develop our social media presence?

Firstly, if you are on Instagram, please click this link and follow @EveCommunityIG We aim to follow every member of the community so we can engage with you directly!

We would also like you to suggest some relevant technology based Instagram accounts that you think we should follow as well. You can submit your suggestion in this form.

Secondly, we would like your feedback:

We have a number of different post styles and ideas that we would like to use, so below we will talk through some examples:

Post_Page_01 Post_Page_05 Post_Page_10 Post_Page_11 Post_Page_12

Instagram Carousels:

Carousels on Instagram allow you to swipe through multiple images. Using this multi image format we aim to condense posts, such as into a sequence of images with text, that allow casual users to gain an insight into all the expert knowledge hidden within

We also plan to use carousels to sum up larger announcements like A deeper look at our new Eve V in a shorter form:

Community-Post-Example_01 Community-Post-Example_02 Community-Post-Summary-Instragram_03Community-Post-Summary-Instragram_04 Community-Post-Example_05

Community Comments

We want information on the @EveCommmunityIG account to be educational and informative and to show how different individuals within the community think, to do this we will use direct quotes from user comments, like this one from @Mohammad_Hadi:


Community Content

We would also like to display images that have been submitted by users as well, like this concept design for the new Eve V from @Techmo:


We want to display the knowledge, expertise and talent of and @EveCommunityIG will be one of the ways to bring this information to the outside world.

Finally, we aim to tell the story of how Eve Community develops products using Instagram stories. Which posts from do you think we can re-purpose to help us tell this story? The age of the posts are irrelevant, telling the story in a strictly sequential order is not essential either, a little bit of Tarantino style storytelling can go a long way :wink:

P.S. What kinds of social media would you like to see Eve Community on in the future? How would you feel about Eve Community on Twitch, YouTube, LinkedIn or even an Eve Community Podcast?

P.P.S. Do any of you have any direct skills and knowledge that can help us take social media to the next level? Skills like Graphic Design, Photography, Videography or Social Media Marketing in general? If so, let’s talk below!

In summary:

  • Follow our new instagram @EveCommunityIG
  • Tell us who else to follow here!
  • Let us know what you think!

Will surely love to have some sassy presence on Twitter


At first I wasn’t sure that Instagram would be such a great place to showcase community posts and content but using images like the ones you created (They look great BTW) seems like a good way to show enough to catch the viewer’s attention but have them visit the community to learn more.
Having several images that make a single large image when viewing the gallery is very cool as long as each image is also view-able and understandable when viewing it separately like the ones you showed above.

Reddit has a huge audience that you can individually target, for example, you can post the Cleer Flow Reviews on headphone and audio subreddits, but it’s forum design might take a bit of contribution from the community


I haven’t been on social media as much as before but I’d like to see Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. I don’t use Instagram but I think a lot of people do so def do it. Also :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: thanks for using me as an example


Thanks for including my design as an example!


This to me seems like twitter for announcements and instagram/youtube make the most sense. Reddit seems hit or miss.


It’s a great design and well thought through, keep the ideas coming our way!


You make a good point, we may look into dusting of the old twitter account soon!

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Made a long list of initiatives a long time ago. I’ve worked with non-profit student organizations to boost their followers on social media, hope these help!

  1. Interview people working at Eve at different levels (CEO, a team member, a worker at the assembly unit, partner, etc.) We could interview Eve community members as well, from all over the globe, to show people that Eve consists of people from all spheres of life.
  2. Conduct competitions to show how people use their Vs, at work, at home or just about anywhere. The best entries could be featured on our social media handles and could win Eve store vouchers as well. We could also conduct a competition for people to present short films of themselves using their Vs for the aforementioned prizes.
  3. Conduct frequent polls on relevant topics in the tech industry, or even about features people would want on the next Eve device.
  4. Put up well-designed infographics to show how Eve devices stand out from the competition.
  5. Put up short videos of ordinary tasks made easy with Eve devices. For example, effortlessly unlocking your Eve V securely by using the fingerprint sensor embedded in the V’s power button.
  6. Put up work performed on the V, from artists’ paintings to rendering programs, etc. Applies to things people generally do with their Vs as well.
  7. Handing out Eve devices to eminent personalities in several fields and interviewing them later about their experience. We could share clippings of the interview on our handles.
  8. Team up with social initiatives across the world and provide devices to them. Capture the event and share it on our handles.
  9. Working on articles such as “7 reasons why creative professionals will love the Eve V” or “Why gamers should check out Project Spectrum” to drive attention to Eve-Tech via a well-established blog.
  10. Spend more on targeted advertising on platforms such as Facebook, etc.
  11. Live-stream interactive meets with fans to discuss the proceedings at Eve-Tech, be it related to products or an informal session talking about things besides work.
  12. Conduct a competition to conduct launch parties of upcoming products such as Project Muse and Spectrum, the best ones can win Eve devices or Eve store vouchers.
  13. Working on technical articles that are not too technical but serve as entry points into particular fields, like “Creating your first digital sketch on the Eve V” or “Creating your first 3D model in Blender on Project Spectrum”.
  14. Making tech accessible by interviewing differently-abled people, asking them about their needs and tailoring products to them/adding accessories.
  15. A podcast that bridges the gap between culture and technology. Interview eminent personalities in a variety of fields such as video games, virtual reality, manufacturers, data scientists and more, and ask them about their field.
  16. Posts on the diversity of Eve community members.
  17. Celebrating important days in the year with special discounts that need not be very steep.
  18. Partnering with more established companies for special events. For example, partnering with a coding academy by providing them devices and getting them to use them in their tutorial videos to boost our reach.
  19. Design posters with critic reviews and user testimonials and put them up on our handles.
  20. Informal polls that engage the audience, need not be related to Eve.
  21. Social media poll on “What do you think is special about the ?”, the best answers could win Eve store vouchers.
  22. An illustration of Eve’s timeline, cut it into parts and put them up on social media.

Antony, wow this is an excellent list of initiatives, thank you! Do you have a V yourself? If so would you be willing to have a discussion about your experience? Would be interested to hear more about your non profit work as well!


Yeah, I had a V for two years, until I dropped it :confused:
Using another laptop for now, will definitely switch back to the V once we work on the new one. Absolutely loved it, it had everything I wanted in an incredible form-factor. Got to play a big role in creating it too thanks to Eve. I headed a content management team for a cultural festival in my uni. We’ve got over 50k followers on Facebook alone :smiley:
Would love to help out! :small_red_triangle_down:


I like YouTube and personally don’t use Twitter nor Instagram and have given up on Facebook

I’m older than most tho! :sweat_smile:


I get that you want to expand your social presence, but what about those of us still left behind by the whole Fortress scandal? I still have money out hanging and no hardware to show for it.
You had a post in here a while ago with people filling out some form, and i don’t think any kind of information was ever send out as a response to it…

If you want to have a productive endevour into creating a social profile, i think you should focus on “sweeping in front of your own door” first… You don’t have the best track record in my view when it comes to dealing with customers, so i’m not sure how you’ll ever do out in the world of social media…


I mean, there can be some problems with advertising on social media. The biggest problem that comes to my mind:
4/5 first results when searching for eve spectrum in incognito mode are negative. Most problematic and brand damaging can be videos from Kirk miller: . One thing is, that although some of his point have bit of truth in it, you can clearly see he is not active in community, and this causes that many times he mentions something that is not correct and is against eve, while in reality it is just problem of him not gaining all needed information. Problem is that most of the people outside eve community (I mean people in this webpage) doing bit of research will just find negative videos and will probably trust it.


Second that.

I wrote something similar in another thread that was about re-opening the forums I think.

The biggest problem to overcome with social media is that every frustrated customer of the Fortress desaster won’t distinguish between the old Eve Tech and the new Eve Devices.

They probably feel like no one from Eve ever listened to their concerns and they were put off dozen of times and told that they just need to have patience.

So if you do enter the social media game now and you want to get a high coverage on all major channels (facebook, instagram, twitter) that means you need interaction with your users/followers/fans because that’s what it is about these days.

But that also means that this will draw the attention of those frustrated ones to it as well. And that is where the problems start I guess.

Picture that scenario:

Someone didn’t get their refund/V, is still waiting for any information regarding that, has written tons of messages to the support, didn’t get any/little response, is highly frustrated or hateful even, isn’t an active part of the community, hence doesn’t know all the things that happened behind the curtain and NOW sees that Eve is happily interacting with their fans on social media.

What the outcome will be if that doesn’t happen to only one but many of those affected is that either the interactions (ie. comments, likes, ratings, etc.) will be quite a shit-show OR moderators are reacting fast enough and removing the shit-show before it blows up but that will look like censorship.

Both aren’t really helping Eve at all…

For actual examples do a search on YouTube as @Bexin suggested or head over to the Eve subreddit.

Cheers andi


We continue to collect information from customers affected by the Fortress issue. We are sorry to hear if you happened to be impacted. Please fill this form so that we record you are affected. We will keep customers who filled the form informed with up-to-date information.

The support system bug has already been fixed, and we respond to all support tickets rationally. We have added all customers who filled the form to our mailing list to ensure they receive the latest status update.

Let us wait until Spectrum ships.