Bought a brand new unit, now I'm going to get stuck with a repaired one

I’m here just to vent off some of my frustration.
I did my preorder back in April/2020 and finally got my Spectrum 4K 144Hz last December/2021. I thought I would finally enjoy it but, straight out of the box, this is what I got:

I got in contact with customer support and they’ve tried to buy as much time as possible, asking me to try using different cables and updating the firmware (even when it is clearly a hardware problem). And literally after a month of back-and-forth emails, I was told I can ship them the defective monitor and they will evaluate if it fits the warranty terms (even though it never worked!) and, if yes, they will repair the unit and ship it back to me:
(I took the attendant name off as I know it is not her fault, she is just acting as she was told to).

So now I’ll ship the monitor and hope for the best (in this case, ending up with a repaired unit instead of a brand new one.)

Have anyone here experienced something similar?

The Eve Spectrum Limited Warranty states:
If you have a defect within fourteen (14) days from the date of purchase (the DOA period), the product is considered Dead On Arrival (DOA). Eve will replace DOA unit with a brand-new replacement and will cover the freight charges both ways.

Therefore, Eve should not be forcing you to accept a repaired unit - they should be sending you a brand-new replacement. Yet again, Eve are breaking their own Terms and Conditions, which is unacceptable.

I recommend you refuse the repaired unit, and ask @ReignDespair to investigate.


Thanks for that Phil!
I’ll go over their terms to find this statement and will ask them to honor it.

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Hey @Phil,
Thank you very much for tagging me and providing @DiegoAmaral with the details of our warranty terms, I appreciate it.

Hey @DiegoAmaral,

I’m very sorry to hear that your Spectrum did not arrive as expected, and furthermore the support experience you have received so far. Could you please provide me with your support ticket reference numbers, and order number in a message, and I’ll get this looked into for you. We are currently working on improving our warranty process so any information you can provide me will help us in making these improvements.


Looks like I’ll get a replacement.
Screenshot 2022-01-17 154407

Thank you very much for the support! :slightly_smiling_face: