Boot from USB/boot menu?


I’ve been browsing around here for a while, but can’t seem to find the right answer for my question, so here we go!

I am really curious to know if the EVE V can boot from USB? Like Linux or other lightweight systems.
As far as I can tell, there is a BIOS on this machine, but nobody have pointed out how to get in there? F1 or Delete? And does F8 bring you to the boot menu?

Please let me know


Yep, the V can boot from USB jsut fine.

I think the shortcut for it is F7 for the boot menu and I think Del brings you into BIOS :slight_smile:


F7 is not working for me, I can’t seem to boot from a usb stick. I can get in the BIOS with either ESC or DEL, I’ve tried setting the disk support to both Legacy and UEFI, I put USB Device first in the order but it always boot on the SSD, not on the USB stick.

Can you confirm F7 should bring up the boot menu?

FWIW, my usb is formatted in exFat using YUMI.

Thanks in advance,


Not all UEFIs read exFat, and it’s typically better to format a USB installer as FAT32 because this is the universal standard. Not sure if that matters with the V, but it’s something to consider.

Also, be sure secure boot is disabled.

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My bad, it was FAT32 in fact. By secure boot, you mean an admin password in BIOS? I don’t have that setup though.

Can anyone from @team confirm the boot method key? F7 does not work for me.

Also, DEL does not work to access BIOS menu, only ESC.

Thanks in advance!

I have exactly the same experience - not possible to bring up the boot menu and only ESC takes me to BIOS. The only way I can see to boot from a USB device is to go into BIOS and put that first in the list.

No, secure boot is a different feature in the UEFI that you can disable. The point is to prevent your computer from booting to operating systems that it’s not supposed to, but should be disabled when trying to install other operating systems.

Do you have a non-English keyboard by chance? Or are you trying this via BT? If you have a regular USB keyboard lying around you can try that and it should work fine.

Thanks for your quick reply! I don’t see options to enable/disable secure boot in the BIOS. Any idea how that’s accomplished?

As for the keyboard, I’m using an English keyboard connected physically

I can’t switch off my V right now to find the location, but I do know it’s in there. You may have to do some digging, but it should be under something like “advanced configuration” or “boot options” or something along those lines.

Whenever you have a chance, please let me know if you find it.
I’m looking at BIOS version I60P1-0.38 and I definitely cannot find the option, there actually aren’t that many to change!

Thanks again!

Anyone been able to switch secure boot off?
My V’s windows installation has died and I’m trying to reinstall, but would like to try and recover the Calibration File but am unable to boot to a USB recovery tool…