Bookmarks Sync from iPad to V using iCloud

hello geeks,
I just received my V, and I am in the process of setting it up :crazy_face:

One thing I want to do is to sync Safari bookmarks from my iPad into the Eve using iCloud for Windows. I will sync it to Chrome as Edge is not supported yet.

so I have install the iCloud and Chrome with the iCloud extension and done the procedure to sync the bookmarks to Chrome in iCloud but cannot see them in Chrome.

has any of you attempted this? any tips? or maybe is another better way?


I was using it, and it works fine on mine.

You don’t even need Chrome and its add-ons. You can sync your bookmarks into Internet Explorer (yes, version 11 is still there even though Edge is the main browser by default in Windows 10).

After that just open Edge and import your favorites from Internet Explorer to Edge. :wink:

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I am follow this instructions:

this is what I have
Safari is sync in iCloud
I log into iCloud and in the bookmarks options I select the browser to sync as Chrome and Apply
Chrome has the iCloud extension but when I log in Chrome and go to Menu->Bookmarks is still empty

what am I missing?

I thought about that but wanted to avoid to install IUE as my aim is to use Chrome for Chomecast

but may try it at the end, but before I give up I see if I can sort out the Chrome

well I gave up with Chrome and done the sync to IE, still cannot see the Safari bookmarks in IE neither

In fact I now have iCloud syncking bookmarks to both IE & Chrome but in the V IE & Chrome bookmarks are still empty

:thinking: time for tea as it is too cold to find a solution now

If anyone out there discovers what I am missing please shout, I really need these bookmarks in my V
thanks in advance guys

Are you in the bookmark folder or the bookmark bar? Still nothing even when with crtl+shift+b?

In IE i just press the ‘start’ icon on the right hand corner of the browser, there is a Favorites tab,empty, along with the Feeds & History tabs

In Chrome Menu->Bookmarks but no bookmarks are there at all

crtl+shift+b only sets the bookmark bar on/off but cannot see the safari bookmarks anywhere

oops, sorry
in chrome when the bookmark bar appears, right click, there should be a ‘bookmark manager’ there

if it’s not there I have no idea where it is, I don’t use icloud

hi hiddenflaw
nothing in bookmark manager or C:\Users<user>\Favorites neither

i am looking for the answer and posted in a couple of forums so if i discover it then will let this forum know
one thing it is coming up is the iCloud version maybe broken, i am using 7.3 , i have seen a few messages saying that it was working in 6.2 bit higher versions stopped working???
will see

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working after an upgrade of iCloud app in the V. Now using 7.4 and the bookmarks have been copied to my window browsers.


Did you try raindrop?

no I only used iCloud, not sure what raindrop is :blush:

Well try raindrop you ll see. It s free at first