Bluetooth gampad drivers/latency?

Hello fellow buyers,

Although I am buying the Eve V tablet for note-taking at university and the extra peripherals and good feature optimization, I’m probably going to be doing light gaming on the move.
I’m wondering of the possibility to pair mainstream Bluetooth controllers (ie xbox,ps or steam controller). Im hoping it’s going to be as simple as a driver download. Can anyone test game-pad pairings? If someone can do in-depth checks, possibly latency and range tests? (I’ve ordered the I5 variant)

While I can’t speak specifically to Bluetooth performance with the V, I know Microsoft’s newer Xbox controllers come equipped with Bluetooth which makes pairing them very easy with any Windows computer that has Bluetooth (such as the V). I routinely stream my Xbox to my PC and use one of the controllers connected to it via Bluetooth. I don’t remember if there was a driver download needed but if there was it was automatic and painless. :slightly_smiling_face: