Blue burn in and flickering

Was watching Amazon prime video on my Mac m1 hooked up by usb-c and it glitched out making everything go black but it had a blue burn in of what was previously on the screen. I switched to my Xbox on hdmi and the burn in was still visible blue and in the back ground. I switched back to my Mac and the burn in almost went away but can be seen barely in black areas on the screen but this is when the flickering became visible. Also the colors have a green tinge to them as well over all. From reading other threads this seems to be a panel issue but if it can be fixed with an update please let me know. Also can some one tell me how to directly contact support it would be greatly appreciated.

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This is a well-known issue caused by Mac somehow changing colour profiles depending on the app used.

As far as we know, this effect shouldn’t be permanent and will go away with time. You can check another topic here.

For support, you can reach out to them directly by filling out the form here. The current latest firmware for ES07D03 is version 107, which can be downloaded here.

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I’ve seen that it only happens with Macs which kinda suck. But they have identified it and said it wont cause permanent damage? That’s my biggest concern is just causing permanent damage to the monitor.

It’s really scary when it happens, but it does eventually just… go away. Nothing I tried seemed to help in the short term, but a day or two later everything was fine. Haven’t had it recur since updating to the v107 firmware.

Hi @AJAG29,

Since it is not technically burn-in like how OLEDs tend to develop - it is not really considered “damage”. It is a weird bug that somehow leaves traces of blue colour when a certain colour profile is being used.

It only happens on Mac.

Maybe you should try V107 and see if it helps you as well.