Blue automatic repair screen

Hello guys,

This happened today when I got back home, what should I do ? :frowning: image

Thank you for your help !

To give some more background- what was going on when this happened. Did you just power up from cold? Was it booting up from standby? Hibernation? What was running beforehand? Did it ask to do any updates before you left it?

I turned it off yesterday night normally.
Today I turned it on and that happened

so you shut it down, as opposed to standby / hibernate.
and in the last few days, did you install any software/programs/windows updates?

You can contact support to see what they recommend you do. The engineers may or may not have seen this and may or may not have steps to get you back to where you were…the obvious answer is to just proceed with the repair I am not a team member and I am not recommending it just yet - just trying to paint the picture as support will likely ask you these same t/s questions.

No updates of windows
I went onto the start up programs to remove adobe last night

Have you tried just simply hitting the Restart button? As they say in the text, it can sometimes fix the issue. If this is recurring, then you actually have something more concerning to troubleshoot. If the restart makes the message go away, and it doesn’t come back after several restarts, you’re probably okay. If the message returns, then there is definitely a problem and Windows may need a repair.

This message primarily comes up when Windows fails to start a number of times in a row. Is there a chance that boot was stopped prematurely at any point?

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