Black "Wednesday"

Hi Community,

Black “Friday” already started in Switzerland :slight_smile:
I have seen this offer for the Surface Pro INKL type cover for CHF 698.00 = USD 700.00 approx.

My only concern is the 4GB RAM…

My main use:

  • Sporadic MS Office
  • E-Banking
  • Web (max. 3-4 Tabs, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Paint
  • Sporadic photo book
  • TV Apps like DAZN, Sky GO
  • Chromecast

What do you think? Deal or no deal?

MSP inkl Cover 2MSP inkl Cover

I think that the 4GB of RAM are enough for your use case. But I wouldn’t use chrome as a browser with it.

And remember that you can get a V with a better screen, nonproprietary charging, additional 4GB of RAM and a pen (additionally to the keyboard) for 799$ very soon :wink:

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M3…:sweat_smile: at least a i5. “Power!”(Jeremy Clarkson 2016)


What does the i5 offer that the m3 can’t handle in this use case?

It offers more umph!(beeter graphics) To get by unforeseen tasks… u know th Ms SP is vert versatile, u never know what ur ginna use it for. I woild get the i5

Thanks for your feedback! I usually use Chrome but maybe I should switch to Firefox regarding RAM…

I totally agree with you about the V. I really would like to buy the V BUT I have to pay the M3 in EURO.
So, 799 EURO = 990 CHF…

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Firefox is actually worse compared to chrome:

I don’t know. In my opinion you don’t need it, if you don’t need it :stuck_out_tongue:
The differences between the three processors are marginal anyways. It makes more sense, if you say to go for higher RAM or a bigger SSD, but the processor won’t really matter in this use case.

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Thanks! You are right. Right now, I know what I will need it for…I think the M3 would be OK for me…

It does sound better to me :thinking:
It uses more RAM with fewer tabs, but less with more and otherwise it beats chrome (marginally) all the time, doesn’t it?

Well depends how you look at it. I mostly compared it to the “marketing statements” but yeah it maybe little faster but ram usage and cpu usage are pretty close to each other.

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Is it really worth to discuss about $700 in Switzerland?
Just wondering, not sarcastic

So you say you like to pay more just cause of currency conversion ?
I think that was the issue here.

Of course not. As I said, it was not sarcastic. I mean just, IMHO I would not even start any conversation about buying or not some device, which costs estimated an 1/10 of the mean month salary in the country. :slight_smile:
To your question - if you like how it looks I would buy surface instead of V in your case (also because of getting it almost immediately after payment). As many here tend to forget - time also costs something.
If you are looking for performance/sustainability, there are better options on the market. For example Lenovo’s miix, or acer’s switch. One of them is easy repairable, another does not need to be because of passive cooling.

7k is probably the avg. here not the median, the median is somewhere btw. 5-6k
When you have to spend almost 2k for rent and insurances you sure think about the money.