Black uniformity test?

So I’ve been keeping up with the reviews on the Spectrum but I haven’t seen anyone really test the black uniformity or even how the local dimming is. Has anybody tested this out on their monitor?


Me too i think same :thinking: :pleading_face:

I have tested this with my prototype unit. The image is not fully representative, since it’s more visible there than in reality, however with display displaying dark colors, black not being fully uniform around edges has been noticeable. As soon as the colors were brighter, this usually was not noticeable, with gray uniformity being really good. However in some cases, lacking black uniformity was visible while displaying normal content.


Thank you, have you tried a local dimming test?

Unfortunately, I did not have opportunity to test HDR with devices where I could do proper testing. I should however get replacement for my faulty motherboard this week, which should allow me to test this as soon as my pc is running again. Unfortunately apart from that, only device I am able to display content on is iPad, that does not have fully proper external display support, most of the time displaying in 3:2 aspect ratio, with wrong colors.

Hi. I tested black uniformity with and without HDR.

IPS Glow is noticeable specially on the bottom corners of my unit, but it’s due to the vision angle. If I put my eyes “right in front on the corner” no IPS glow appears.

Local dimming is good, I did not count them but it’s column based. IPS glow appears too when a column is fully lit, but it’s almost none when not lit.

IPS glow is expected in every IPS panel, so I don’t really care for it, as it’s unavoidable.

I did not notice any backlight bleeding ^^