Black screen when ALT-TAB-ing of max or minimalizing a running youtube video


Does anybody also have the problem that when alt tabbing out or in a browser tab with a youtube video playing the screen just goed black. Only way to restore it is by switching the screen off and on again.
Minimizing and maximizing does the same, black screen. Also some website with video like content make this happen (for example

Had this with Firefox and Edge browser.

Model ES07D03, Firmware version D03.V108. AMD GPU (RX 6750 XT), driver 23.3.1. Operating System: Windows 11 22H2.

I’m having the same problem - what browser are you using?

What connection are you using between your GPU and the Spectrum? Is it HDMI or DisplayPort?

DisplayPort is generally more stable than HDMI for some reason, but the DSC implementation appears to have some bugs that cause the connection to be lost. With firmware 108 you can turn off DSC, which will reduce your refresh rate but could stop the black screen issues.