Black screen again

Dear All,

Hope you are fine.
few months ago I had an issue with the boot of my Eve V black screen with booting error.
Thanks to your help, I did a short modification on the Bios and everything was working well. (boot on hard drive)
However, yesterday, I have got the same issue, so I did the same but still black screen.
There is now blk4 :harddisk and blk5 : block device.
Can you help me please?
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old topic, but maybe this helps: [FAQ] When power on device, I see built-in EFI Shell interface, what should I do to fix it? - #3 by Matsleight

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Go there

EFI Shell Interface on startup - I took it to a shop and they found that Windows 10 had “self corrupted” the boot file. Replaced the boot file and it was all good Yay!