BitLocker - Encryption for our Vs?

If you search for BitLocker on this forum, you get very few hits, and none of them say that the V actually supports it or not. For those not sure what I’m talking about, BitLocker is Microsoft’s full-disk encryption technology, and here’s the wikipedia article on it. BitLocker is available on all the “Pro and up” versions of Windows, starting back from the Vista days to current, and all server versions from 2008 and up.

To me, it’s essential for any portable device to be encrypted these days because of theft and the amount of our lives that are on these devices. Somewhat important at home, but not quite the same.

So what does the V support? Is there a TPM module on it? If not, what pre-windows capability is there to enter in a password/PIN?

Any experiences from early testers?


Unfortunately there is little information here.

Bitlocker is certainly supported. In fact, it can be turned on even for devices without proper hardware support, just by tackling with some policies using gpedit.

What I believe the V is missing is the capability for a pre-boot keyboard to enter a PIN, so any Bitlocker setup will have to be configured to NOT require a pin or password at startup.
This of course limits the possible security level, but if TPM support is provided (and considering that there is fingerprint recognition I believe there is such support), it should still be safe enough for normal consumer use.

All of the above of course would have to be confirmed by @iKirin or someone else from Eve’s staff.

Yes there is :wink:
You can ask @Mike to elaborate


Might I suggest not having BitLocker installed or pre-populated on Eve-V.

It’s full of back-doors and is not … particularly trustworthy. Encryption programs like Veracrypt are a far better alternative than BitLocker in terms of security.

There’s a ton of information on the internet regarding the controversy around BitLocker if you don’t take my word for it :smiley:

I think it comes as part of win 10 pro only so if one didn’t upgrade to that they would not have Bitlocker anyways, and in 10 pro it’s easy to disable

Its supported. TPM was specified in Pyramid Flipper’s core specs very early on. Later on it has even become a requirement for all new windows devices :slight_smile:

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But still better than nothing. Same reason why it’s good to have at least windows defender and Windows firewall xD

I tested bitlocker : bitlocker prototype test