Bios Update [When?] [What?]

Hey Eve Folks out there,

Im just wondering when the promised BIOS comes to us? I don’t wanna know the exact date, just wondering if you’re able to put work in it or maybe it’s not possible with your current frozen money problem.

In addition I wan’t to tell you my Software Problems that have to be fixed. I’ve seen some of them being discussed already but I’m wondering if they would get fixed with the BIOS update as well.

My Problems are:

  • My V isn’t charging that fast (new BIOS is promising up to 30% faster)
  • My V needs like 10-20 secs to come back after Standby ( Screen is showing my content, but I can’t do anything)
  • I can’t use the Pen properly while my V is chargin (It’s creating more like a jiggly curve than any useful drawings or writings.)

Are you already aware of the issues and if you are, will there be a fix coming in the next future?

Especially the “can’t use my Pen while charging”-thing blocking some work, because I have to plan when I charge and when I work.
It may occur just on my V or I may be the only one who bought the V mainly for writing with a pen, but It would be awesome if that is getting fixed soon.

Have a great day


Bios may have little impact on the charging problem:

Also I wish it would help. Alas, I almost never have to charge while writing :smiley:

Oh and it also depends on the program you’re using. Good: one note and drawboard. Horrible: xodo.