Best settings to use for Xbox?

Monitor received & impressed so far.
Just a few questions when using it on a Xbox series x.
What is the best settings for colour space on the Xbox is it pc rub or standard?
Which is the best for colour depth, 24, 30 or 36 bits per pixel.
The screen occasionally flickers black & sometimes it goes blank for a few seconds but I’m guessing that’s hdr related.

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I’m assuming you meant “pc rgb”, not “pc rub”, in which case, that should be the better option than yuv (standard). 30 bits per pixel should be 10 bit (hdr), which is what the monitor supports.
Flickering black is a common indicator that your cable can’t handle the bandwidth. Is it hdmi 2.1 certified?


Thanks for the information & yes the cable is certified as it’s the one that came with the Xbox series x but I will try another. Adjusted the settings to your recommendations, many thanks