Best setting image

Hy everyone (spray for my inglish im french)

I received my eve 3 days ago, its fantastic.
I juste wannna know if somebody can give me somme setting
Cause in dci p3 gamma 2.2 its too dark in dark zone.

Thanks !!

This is how I have it and I think it’s just right.
2.4 gamma seems to be too dark sometimes. If I could have it at 2.3 instead of 2.2 that would be the sweet spot

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yeah, i would like to see a 2.3 gamma within the OSD @nkyadav @MarvyMarvz can the team be able to add 2.3 gamma in the next firmware update?


Noted. Added to the firmware tracker as a question to see if they can implement.


I play on ps5 and i find 2.2 too dark in dark zone

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