Best of April 1 2017

Wishing everyone a happy April Fool’s day!
Let’s see what companies have got in store for us.

Amazon Echo

Amazon’s “Petlexa” can now understand your pets. @Konstantinos , your cats deserve it.

##Concrete Headphones by Master & Dynamic
Just when I was beginning to think that we were running out of premium materials to use, Master & Dynamic creates headphones made of concrete.
The weight certainly adds to the premium feel.

Rally Beard Sauce from Buffalo Wild Wings

This restaurant chain is launching Rally Beard Sauce—scientifically designed to stimulate beard growth.

Whopper toothpaste from Burger King

Title says it all.

##Vertical Movie Theater
I remember certain people who weren’t too happy about a few vertical videos Eve uploaded.
Enter in Cinemá Vertécal, a progressive company hoping to change your minds. This Santa-Monica-based startup announced today it will be
ushering in the first movie theater catered to vertical filmmakers.

##Emoji Course from Duolingo
That one thing you didn’t know you needed.

##Horn Emojis by Honda
One must hear them to believe.

##IKEA’s Vision for Our Future
Our studies of children’s play habits reveal that today’s kids prefer tablets to physical activity. So we’re replacing the magical forest with a haven of sitting pods with tablets.
Not bad. Not bad at all…

##KFC Bucket
Introducing the KFC Bucket, a voice-activated delivery system and smart dining assistant. The finger-lickin’ future is here.

##Harambed by Lucid Mattress
The bed of your memes.

##Project MEgga by Newegg
If you thought three 4K screens on Razer’s Project Valerie seemed overkill, wait till you see what Newegg has in store for you.

##Patriot Puffs by Popchips
No. Just no."cheese"

##Dash Energy Drink by OnePlus
Haters will say that Red Bull is better.

##Pac Maps on Google Maps
We could play Pac-Man last year, now we get to play Ms. Pac Man.

##Google Wind
The Google team at The Netherlands unveiled Google Wind, a series of
“machine learning” windmills that can blow away cloudy skies.
Meanwhile, I’m trying to survive on no rain. That’s just splendid…


My personal favorite so far.
Never go AFK again. Ghostplay learns your skill level and plays for you, giving you the opportunity to go for an urgent toilet break or grab a snack. It can even remind you to get the above mentioned “snack”.

Saved the best one for the end.

Eve outsources PF development to GrejtLabs Engineering Ltd

Sound familiar? Yep, that’s us.

What did you like the most?
Pretty sure I missed a lot of other news, so feel free to mention them.


Motorola announced a all new pet advisor app to get in touch with our best friends. I just found the Englisch Facebook video on the German Facebook page.

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I need this in my life.

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##McLaren Unveils A Supercar With Feathers
You’ve got to be kidding me…


The obvious question… Can it fly??


Is this even a question? Of course it can!

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:joy::joy::joy: Happy April Fool’s day!!!

don’t forget about google Gnome


Yay! Yet another fun idea hijiacked and ruined by marketeers! Is there nothing these people won’t exploit in the hope of a few clicks?

NO! Nothing!

The only good thing is it one day every year that people engage their brains and critically review news on the Internet before mindlessly sharing it.

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Windows 10 is ging to Open Source! :joy:

(German - please translate)



"With an internal memo Sataya Nadella has blown up the bomb: Win10 will be open source and be put under the free GPL-license that Linux is also using.


One more way for Google to spy on you!

(Yes, I realize this was an April Fools post.)

Best prank, EVER.


I was baited :frowning:

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