Best chair recommendations, please

Hi all.
I have a GT Omega Racing gaming chair. It was great for a couple of years, but the cushion flattened out over time and became hard on my backside. I bought an orthopaedic cushion to compensate, but it raised the height a little too much, so that the seat edges now pinch my legs rather than supporting them.
So it’s time for a change.
@apgray was kind enough to recommend his chair: an Enjoy Elite, which looks excellent, but is right at the top end of my budget.
Can anybody recommend a chair that they use themselves and find really comfortable to game and work in for eight or nine hours a day? And, for me, height adjustable arm rests are a must.
Many thanks,

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i have one of these. it’s been fine for me. you can always buy a seat cushion as well to help with even longer use.


I guess it depends on your budget but I’ve always been a fan of Secret Labs.


Must agree with @MarvyMarvz here, you can’t really go wrong with a secretlab chair. Last year when I had remote learning, I would be on my Secretlab Omega all day. I would recommend getting either the softweave fabric version or the high end leather one but not the entry level leather one simply because it would be unbearable to sit on for extended periods of time.
It’s also very ergonomic and it can recline back so you can lie down in it if you feel like it hahaha.


Honestly: don’t buy a gaming chair. Very few of them are actually comfortable for long periods of time, or they wear out quickly.

There are very few exceptions to this rule, with Secret Labs being one of them.

Seriously consider companies that sell refurbished office chairs. You can pick up models from top tier brands like Herman Miller, Steelcase and Humanscale for under half of what they go for new. They’re comfortable enough to be used for 8 hours every day, and durable enough to last 5+ years in a hard office environment.

When I had to work from home, I bought a used Humanscale Freedom chair. It’s 100% worth the purchase, and my butt and back have not been happier.


I definitely agree with this, I got myself a Herman Miller Embody a couple of years ago and it’s incredibly comfortable even after many hours of use. It’s definitely expensive, but I went over to my local store and they offered much lower prices on new chairs than what they advertised online.


Same here! The price on these chairs are high but after awhile of sitting for long periods of time you will see how its worth. Fern Digital Knit Office Chair - Haworth Store This is my favorite and i recommend as well! Though you can’t go wrong with any of the suggestions listed here.


Thanks all, for your recommendations. I’ve decided to go with apgray’s chair, as I found a cheap second-hand one on eBay. I’ll let you know what I think of it when I receive it, next week.

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Yeah I’d avoid a gaming chair. I have a Secret Labs Omega and still managed to develop a frozen should a couple months after I got it. I’d say part of it is the bad ergonomics of ‘racing’ style chairs and part of it was my bad habits (resting arms on arm rests too much, bad sitting position). I still like the Omega, but it’s definitely not a task chair.

While I’ve mostly recovered from that frozen shoulder, my left one has started to hurt so I ended up ordering a Steelcase Gesture chair myself. It was pricey, but I really don’t want to go through frozen shoulder hell again.

Glad you found a chair! Hope it helps.