Best all-in-one messenger apps for Windows?

What’s the best all-in-one messenger app for Windows that can integrate WhatsApp, Slack, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, etc.? These are the two apps that I know of in this category:

Any others that you like? Thanks in advance for your suggestions! :slight_smile:


I know that people won’t dislike it because they don’t like the design or because it’s an old app but sorry I’m an old fashioned and more of an open source guy… so pidgin is the way for me usually.

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Thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately Pidgin doesn’t seem to support most of the popular messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

Well if you use WhatsApp and Facebook, actually you shouldn’t. Go for telegram or signal in place, and choose another way to communicate because a lot studies have already proven the problem of addiction to Facebook and other website like that plus and more importantly the problem with your privacy : you could for example see this video Cédric Villani et Dominique Cardon répondent aux questions de Léa Salamé - YouTube
Where a recording of a testimony of an ex VP of Facebook saying how they manage to get people addict to it + the names of some international studies about it. But it’s in French…

Nevertheless here is where I prove you wrong :
There are a lot of plugins like this one on github

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If you go to product hunt and search for Franz 5, like station or managyum. I would advise to try each one and check which one feels best for your needs.

Anyway, small is beautiful. So each software separately is sometimes better than an all in one.

I’m using HARVESTER. Never tried some other, so can’t compare…

Just read an article that mentioned Rambox as a potential solution. Never useed it, just thought I’d throw it out here.

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Some screenshots would be great if someone use it

Here’s the link to the article I referenced. I assume it’s available for Windows considering it’s built with Electron.

Actually, if I am not mistaken it is possible to use Electron in cross-platform but it’s just that you need to rewrite the source code for each individual ones.

By the way, the link you posted seems really good. :like:

Try also out Rambox! :slight_smile:

Hmm… I tried Rambox last night. I didn’t like it. I feel like it could have been better although it gives you the ability to have tabs of the social network apps (i.e. slack, discord, messenger .etc).

Maybe you didn’t like that either because it looks like an emulation of the actual service and not a use of the real API from discussion network? I don’t know for my part, didn t try yet. Will do with the V when I gets it.

They are just a wrapper that uses the web clients.of said services. No real benefits

Then yeah not my style

There’s one, Chrome.


Lol true … which again not my style but nevertheless true

Does your parents know that you are pretending to be an hidden flaw ?:stuck_out_tongue:

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says the boys’ turd :smirk_cat:

anyways, back to topic,
@OP, using all in one messaging apps is not a good idea, here’s why: surface of attack.\

Here are 3 scenarios:

  1. let’s say there’s an app for all the messaging apps, XYZ, and you use it
    you’re giving both the official app and XYZ permission to access your account, meaning you have 2 places that can be compromised compared to just using the official app
  2. if you choose to forgo the official app, and just use XYZ. XYZ being 3rd party, you are dependent on the XYZ company to upgrade and maintain parity with the official version in features and security. Let’s say XYZ is very good at it, updates within 12hrs, you still have 12hrs of vulnerability.
  3. using only the official apps, you have only 1 point of failure (the official app) and updates and security is handled by the service company (FB, Whatsapp, etc). Sure, that doesn’t mean they will always update before getting attacked, but it certainly means if you die the whole world goes down with you. At least you get that.

Alternatively, just use the web clients on a reliable browser. Use add-ons or extensions to beef your security, and use common sense.