Benchmarks and comparison charts

Hey everyone!

I’m absolutely in love with the Eve V and I intende to buy it 100% sure as soon as it is available, but I’m having trouble figuring out which one is best for me. I intend to use it as a full replacement for my “mobile desktop” system (a docked laptop lost in 100’s of cables connected to it, sitting on a fan). I intend to sell my my Dell Vostro laptop (benchmark) and have the Eve V only. It will save me a lot of space in the desk and it will feel true mobile.

Though I would love to not think and simply pick the top i7 model with everything best, I’m not that much fortunate :slight_smile:

I’m asking to the lucky people who already own it to benchmark their Eve V’s and post the results here so the community can properly compare the available Eve V models and check them against their current setup they have at home. I can be responsible to get this data and organize it in a nice neat chart so everyone can understand it as soon as they put their eyes on it.

I ask for benchmarks because the information about hardware specifications seems not enough for me to understand the true power of this machine. I’d like to see raw data. In a chart. :imp:

I believe it would be best to have benchmarks using the same software. I’m not expert in benchmarking but I’d suggest Unigine Heaven and Novabench?

My laptop scored 147 on Unigine Heaven and 642 on Novabench.

What you guys think? Could you do that for the community?


Welcome @brunofin to the community! Glad to have you here!

As you might know, the V has initially sold through an IndieGoGo campaign for early backers while the development of the device was still going on. These devices have not shipped yet and thus the web-shop also is not open as of now. That means, no customer does have the final device in their hands already.

But, there has been intensive prototype testing by community members who were chosen based on their use cases mainly.

I’ll list a few threads below that contain benchmarks and experiences, hopefully that already provides you a better inside and some of the feedback you’re looking for:

Long story short, if you intend to replace multiple devices with a V, my assumption would be to go with at least the i5, but most probably indeed with the i7 (as this provides best abilities for additional use cases that might come up, plus you will have the best storage options currently available - 512GB SSD, 16GB RAM).


@exialpho hehe I just made a fool of myself now! I though people who got it by backing the campaign already had their hands on their V’s.

Anyway, those links you sent, they’re gold! It’s exactly the information I needed. From the first link, I ran exactly the same benchmarks on my Dell laptop (which is my main and only computer) and I am mind-blown as the i5 Eve V outperformed my Dell in every test, at least from what I could understand from those test results!

What most impresses me is that this Dell was made to be a fast and strong laptop, and it is not exactly a small, quiet and cool computer. It gets very hot and loud, it’s quite heavy though it still has a nice modern look. The battery won’t last 2 hours unplugged nowadays. I used to consider it a ultra-book or a gaming laptop at the time I bought it (though I still can play GTA V on it), this was back in 2013. What I’m trying to say here is how technology evolved in just 4 years and what awesome things you can achieve by applying it as well as you did here!

These are the results from my benchmarking:

3D Mark:

CrystalDisk doesn’t make sense to compare since I’m using a spinning disk HD instead of SSD.

If someone would be so kind to take a look just so I would have a second opinion and compare them with the i5 Eve V here, then I can certainly make my decision that the i5 Eve V is the right model for my workload.

Anyway thank you again for providing all the information. I’m very confident now and very excited.


yes, I think once the secret is out about how well the "weak, crappy Y series processor" (not my words!) V performs, people will be shocked. I know I was and already had pretty high expectations.


Hiya there @brunofin!

I think we’re actually using the same (or very similar laptop - I’m using a Dell Vostro 3560 - i5 3210M, 7670M, 128GB SSD upgraded recently) and I can give you a small comparison to the V.

Basically, the V does everything the Dell does as smoothly or even smoother (especially starting up the device or waking from sleep - bear in mind, I’m running off of a 850 Evo on my Dell).
My main workflow when using the V was taking notes, coding and compiling - so nothing that pushed the V hardcore (except if you count watching 1080p 10-bit encoded movies) and it handled all of it like a champ without getting hot (I should mention you could feel it getting comfortably warm when running some unit-tests for like 4-5 minutes).

If you want more details just ask away! :smiley:


Hey @iKirin Thanks for jumping in and writing a reply yourself. I really appreciate the benchmarks you did. I think those info should be somewhere more exposed to the public eventually, it really helped assure me I could replace my laptop.

I’m using a Dell Vostro 3460, so I believe you have a better model than I do (if higher numbers mean better models in any way :slight_smile:)

I believe my workflow isn’t much different from yours. I intend to use the V to code some JavaScript front-ends, running a lightweight Ubuntu Server VM at the same time as Atom and GitKraken, and of course hundreds of Chrome tabs and Google Play Music.

Eventually I do some video editing on Blender because I have a YouTube channel where I post things every 2 years and still consider myself a youtuber :laughing:

I have a big HDMI monitor that I want to have it connected to the V most of the time I’ll be coding (I know I will need to get some adapter already), would that affect the performance much?

Overall when I compared your benchmarks with mine it answered all my questions, I believe the i5 V is a better laptop than what I currently have, but in an awesome form factor.

One more thing. Eventually I want to get one of those external Thunderbolt GPU adapters that you can plug in PCI-e graphics cards. Is it supported by the V?

As for an USB-C to HDMI adapter - those did not have any performance impact at all on my V, but I was “just” using an FHD display - I also think a 4k display should be no problem either :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, that was honestly shocking me as well how well the Core Y series performed - I was expecting good single-core performance and halfway decent multi-core performance when I got my hands on the prototype first, but it blew me away how nicely it handled my (albeit comparatively moderate) workload I threw at it.

And yep, we support eGPUs that use TB3.

That’s really cool :slight_smile: So this is all I have to ask for now. Thank you!