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Behold the vicious worm eating hedgehog!

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Hmmm, was this hedgehog posted as an off topic :turtle: somewhere?:sunglasses:

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Correct! She somehow snuck into a Turtle thread. She’s spiky so maybe the turtles didn’t notice.

Adorable thing, where did you find it?

She’s an African Pygmy 4-toed Hedgehog, Isla is her name.

She’s about 4 months old now. Weighing in at a huge 330g!

She entered my life about 4 months ago. Bought from a breeder about 5 miles away from me.


She’s adorable :heart_eyes: 202020


One of her favourite positions for a sniff and a chat


Its a beauty! It is in England now?

Yes she lives with me in London.

Lazy cleaning of her wheel - Video

Last video excessively boring.

This on the other hand is the wheel in use and Isla being surprised. Very funny. - Video


Me and my girlfriend are actually preparing a sleeping cage for our own hedgehog (which we still need to buy). Got any tips?

We got our first pet this week2018-02-13%20001

Her name is (as you might’ve guessed) Pixel. Do you know if hedgehogs and budgies go together?

Get at least 4sq foot space for them. A vivarium is good. A big solid surface wheel with no gaps (their tiny nails get caught otherwise… and… ouch leg) they run fast and ive seen Isla run for 4 hours in a night before…

I have no idea! I’m sure a balance will find itself. A friendly neighbour cat visits and is most scared of the hedgepig. spiky nature of balled hedgehog will hurt most attackers a bit. they give up. I can attest to that I’ve had my palms spiked a lot!

I know that unless mating hedgehogs don’t play well together.

I’m going to build my own cage/vivarium with (probably) plexiglass and wood. Having it heated with an internal thermostat and try to let the Hedgehog have a running wheen without bars or something. And then, hopefully, add a little bit of forestry in it, let the hedgie make her own nest/hole thingy.

What about coupling a generator to that treadmill ?

First ever hedgehog green energy plant :star_struck:

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If you have a ‘local’ (and well fed) hedgehog it may like a winter-sleep situation too

It’s in the brain roadmap. Well to expand slightly. Source some 12v heat lamps, car battery, trickle charger, alternator.

So at least her running can turn into heat for her :slight_smile:

Cut down the electricity bill a little bit.

I guess stage 2 of that monitors how much draw is happening on the charger and the output of the alternator. See how much she’s contributing to her heat.

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You forgot to mention the charging of your (future - sorry for the pain) V. :thinking:


No. It was quite intentional :slight_smile:

I also have been thinking of a Peltier heat travel box for her… I guess I should just make a fridge & heat box combo if we’re making one side hot… why not use the cold side too :slight_smile:

Hmm, what will the expected life time of your hedgehog be in such a environment?