Before you unbox!

Here are some of the advice intended to all who receive EVE V

Disclaimer: Please improvise and don’t hold me responsible for any mistakes on below advice !!! and this post is Intended for novice users, advance and geeks can ignore this post.

PRE-UNBOXING (Make sure you have 60-120 minutes of your life before you attempt the below steps, don’t do this on a hurry, as it is a very special piece of device, where at least you have waited for 8-11 months, so giving it 1-2 hour dedicated life is worth here :slight_smile: )


  1. Have you Camera/Smartphone on your tripod (preferred)/someone else hand (preferred video mode/if not picture mode) and NOT RECOMMENDED TO DO IT IN SELF/SELFIE MODE.
  • Start the Camera.
  1. Take a pic of the shipping and delivery label, that shows your name and address, serial, SKU’s and all other important details, with clarity (not hazy, blurring images please).
  2. Film (or take the picture) the entire box sides, corners, up and bottom, and highlight from your finger any place that has dent or damages.
  • Stop the Camera (Save the video as “video1” or whatever name you give it).
  1. Wipe the box outside with cloth for any dust or sticky substance, it might have collected while its journey from China to your home, use sanitizer for your hand post this step.


  • Start the Camera.
  1. Spread a cushion mat, or hop into you king/queen size bed, and place the packed box in the middle of it (bed).
  2. Use pen tip (preferred)/boxcutter knife not protruding 2mm, to slice the tape on the box, without using too much force, as you are not cracking meteorite from space :wink:. hope you are still filming it…if not then get it filmed.
  3. Open the box cover, and remove items one after another individually, showing to the camera all sides of it. I believe the white box inside is a simple strip peeling and the rest is super easy to remove.
  4. When it comes to Screen & Keyboard, make sure to picture it on all sides (without any glare to the screen) so that you will notice any crack, bend, split, Alcantara wear and tear, etc.
  5. Do it for all the items, and make sure if any item has any defect to show it on camera, right away.
  • Stop the Camera (Save the video as “video2” or whatever name you give it).

By this time you should be very confident that you have taken all necessary care and documented it (Video/Pic), in case of any “Damage on Arrival” is noticed, and ready to send the video/picture to support, even without asking or posting any new topic in community, which they will ask you to “Go to Support” (Support: or


Note: Make a short video on each step, as I am not going to ask you start and stop camera :slightly_smiling_face: (if any process is too long use “Pause”)

Step 1: Charge full on initial without powering on V, once done power ON, and disable WiFi for now. Charge the keyboard too with pogo pin attached to the main unit. Record the led indicator on (i belive it blue) the keyboard.

Step 2: First time boot: Some advance user may prefer to play around with setting in UEFI (formerly known as BIOS) on the first boot, document it (video) or even if you are not going to fiddle it, document it (video), this is required only in case you may encounter any weird message on boot startup @ UEFI (BIOS). Memory Lane: Only one user I saw reported that too on second boot because while first time setup, windows were updating in the background and his 2nd boot showed UEFI error. Hence advised below to switch off WiFi, till I say so.

Step 3: Set Up windows with your credentials on first boot or whatever setting you can do on the first startup (without WiFi), skip any step that requires WiFi (as you can always perform them later).

Step 4: Disable Automatic Windows Update & Install or make it Manual (as lots of people complained about background updates happening while doing the initial setup and screw up (overrides) the setting, after next windows update boot).

Step 5: Perform all the steps for the initial windows login, and let it settle down for 10 minutes without any disruption (NO logging off, not shutdown, sleep, hibernate, just leave it AS IS), time to take a break, clean up boxes from the bed, grab tea/coffee, charge camera, or smartphone.

Step 6: Come back, if the screen is off, lightly push the power button (1-2 sec) to bring it to life (NO hard press for more than 5-10 sec). If prompted to log in, then Login, check if sound play, play a video, play with task manager, etc. do some random file opening, check System to see what it shows (note down windows version, RAM, etc), etc. now shut down, and let it cool down for 2-3 minutes.

Step 7: Power ON, Login, Switch WIFI ON, configure it credentials, once connected and secured. DONT visit any internet sites, except youtube to play single video and observe sounds. Next, just go to windows and enable Windows update, and start the process to download and install windows update. Let is update it and restart automatically, attend it till it compleats it process OR till it says “no more updates available” or “your windows is up to date”. Then shutdown (NO restart) and let it cool down for 2-3 minutes.

Step 8: Power ON, Login, wait till it completes any post-Windows update progress windows, once you see all done and settled down, now Disable windows automatic update.

Step 9: Enable/Start windows defender, update it to latest DB update, and do a full scan of your computer. Additionally, if you prefer to use 3rd party Security or Anti-Virus, then install the same (not a pirated one, licensed one) and make it up to date (and do the full scan).

Step 10: Install EVE Drivers from New! V driver page. Once done, restart (no need to shutdown). Note: 1TB, LB, and Flash Order unit may have these drivers already installed, so please check the community for instruction, and apply it, but always get the drivers from EVE support websites (not from locally saved old copies).

Step 11: Check the features after the above drivers’ installation. If you don’t observe any difference, possible is that drivers were already installed and the sound and feature are the best, for now, you should live with :slight_smile: , however, if there is a change noticed, that means the drivers were not installed during production and you applied it and now it sounds great. Remember you did this feature test in Step 6 and 7 above and will notice the difference based in it.

Step 12: Once done, some people want to do benchmark, go ahead and do it now and share with the community.

**Step 13: As a believer, I don’t believe in jinx or superstition, so step 13 is where you are all set with your V. :slight_smile: ** If any issues observed, go ahead and inform support team with video, if NOT, install your software list and goodies, and go back to do what you do best. Don’t forget to keep the box, package for few more weeks, in case you intentionally drop or damage V and you can use it to send to repair (god forbid).

Finally, enable/make sure that your anti-virus, windows update, are set to ON.

That’s it !!! :sunglasses:
Take Care.:v:


I presume the last batch of the LB will come with all win updates & drivers. Awaiting your confirmation :thinking:

This can’t be a requirement for a DOA case. I’ve never heard of anything near this thorough documentation on unboxing.


OMG! Are You Serious?

TLDR was my first reaction. Then of course you forgot to mention the setup of the 1200 watt studio lights to show any imperfections in detail.

What do we need to do this for?

Sounds like it’s an over the top reaction to a few minor glitches, if you ask me.


  • Open it whilst checking for any discrepancies or breakages, take note of exterior package damage if any.
    (I think the quality of the packaging might be enough to encourage you to be careful without the need to be told.)
  • If there are any problems encountered, then photograph and record the details so that you can report to Support Team.
  • Next carry on and install as you had intended, if no further problems are encountered, then just savour and enjoy your V.

About that step of switching off Wi-Fi and postponing the updates until the initial configuration is done, how do you know it is necessary? Have you made some tests or read it on a post? I am just curious.

Not all user of V have in their name “Masters”…so TTR (Time To Rage [here read]) is advised for novice users. and TLDR for Masters…:slight_smile:

Added in disclaimer “and this post is Intended for novice users, advance and geeks can ignore this post”

None read so far, and I doubt anyone from MS will be bold enough to put this disclaimer!

My personal experience says that screwing up while doing everything in one go, is not advised, however, spending extra time to make it step by step, and helping ourselves is a good choice, then scratching head and to say “why this alwayshappnes to me”.

I can see that your intentions are good and well intended, but I think it’s over the top even for the novices here.

I seriously doubt that even one person here will go to such extremes and effort for a simple computer opening.
Whether it is a V or not!

BTW I’m not sure what you mean by TTR.


Leave this to them !!!

TTR (Time to Rage (for them Time to Read))

With a grain of salt, i was bulding PCs when you had to configure mobo, controllers, i/o cards, disks with DIPs and pin switches, with RAM or VRAM being actual chips, with formatting and partitioning, etc… and the instructions for that were shorter than this :smiley: Thanks for reminding me of those times - reminiscing now :slight_smile:

I guess for any novices, enough is just a heads up of: After you set up internet, monitor windows update progress, and just when finished install newest drivers (or wait for them to be available through an official channel - signed, etc…), and/or install your SW, start to work with the machine…


I don’t want to drag and disrespect your grain of salt, but as said this is not for people who like soundbite or fast food, expecting meme/twitter type of instructions/message does not help anyone, similar to how quick nacho and burger won’t give you wholesome nutrition.

As said, this is intended for people who believe in a proper meal, and a healthy, stable and able body.



You expect them to eat this now??

Other than that I have no idea what kind of analogy you are trying draw here using sound bite (Byte), nacho or nutrition as measures.

BTW - “Grain of salt” means “it might be hard to believe”. Or "be skeptical. "


Lol buddy - i honestly can’t tell if you’re serious about this, but even if someone goes through all of that, this will make absolutely no impact on whether or not they end up having issues.

In fact it is entirely possible everything will go fine right up until 4 steps from the end lol! I hear update 1709 is quite the cranky one.

Just have fun - as far as i can remember, the issues that have been brought up are broadly

  • Major fault
    • cracked screen
    • won’t boot, etc
  • Not-so-major faults
    • keyboards with wrong keys or don’t work as well as they should
    • wobbly/nonresponsive usb ports
    • other hardware related issues
  • Weird gimpy windows restore image

Which your process would have helped exactly one person - if i recall correctly there was one guy who dropped his V.

otherwise, this would be exactly as effective

just chill, maybe cross your fingers (and toes if you really must) and enjoy the unboxing


No wifi on by first start is a good advise though!

By the time they ask you to set up your networks, the next step is setting up a user account and then updates. so you’re just postponing the inevitable. if you’re gonna mess it up, you’re gonna mess it up because you probably can’t tell when windows update is really done anyway


There have also been people who have reported getting stuck with update loops and other Windows update issues. Maybe the kinds of situations the OP is trying to help prevent.

It helps to separate V-inside potential problems from Windows/Chrome/whatever afterward screw-ups.

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Great advice here!


Make sure you have 60-120 minutes of your life before you attempt the below steps, don’t do this on a hurry, as it is a very special piece of device, where at least you have waited for 8-11 months, so giving it 1-2 hour dedicated life is worth here :slight_smile:

What if i’m on the dead bed and it’s my final hour of my life? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Also, do I need to have another person with defibrillator in case I got a heart arrest during the unboxing? :skull:

Just joking… Sorry…


“IF” is a subjective term, let me know when it happens, may add few steps for that too :slight_smile:

Hint: Advised to not to do in Self/Selfie mode, hoping you are not in mars as of now :slight_smile:

Just kidding…have fun…

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You did put a lot of thought and work into the instructions, i read “perfectionist” between the lines of the text :slight_smile: Which is not a bad thing, i rather work with someone willing to walk the additional mile than with someone who does just enough.

That being said, i too know how easy it is for such a personality to get caught in detail, or obsessed with stuff that is levels of magnitude distant from the important stuff.
I think the bottom line, that the folks here tried to say, is that the instructions are in many aspects overkill.
I am sure if you look at it again and reason a bit you find a couple of such elements too.

Dont get annoyed by it, just keep that in mind as a pitfall of perfectionism as such and in the future pull the hand brake here and there…
We may not have had a lot of wonderful art, technology, buildings, etc. if there would not be obsessed folks, but at the same time, they had to be mature enough (or have someone else for that task) to keep the focus within boundaries.