Battery saving question

New topic as the old are not read anymore…
I do not have the V yet but…
I have a problem with battery in general…
I have the free battery bar app…
I have a SP4 and a Dell XPS 15" 9575 …
Surface shows 3 hours of total runtime, Dell shows max 5!!! hours (it advertises 10…)

I applied nearly* all of the wiki battery saver thread on both devices (*I still use Mozilla :expressionless: :smirk: but that cannot be the problem… even if Mozilla is not open, for instance when I’m painting on both, it shows this low full runtime… (but more than when I’m on Mozilla…)
On the Dell I have near to min. brightness b/c the screen is real bright…

I also write this as I have seen here users claim they get 8 hours on the V, others only 4 to 5 … with no real difference in use/apps…

Any suggestions? I’m curious how “my” V will show its battery runtime…

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There are many many variables affecting how much battery life you get (wifi, brightness, keyboard light, how often the processor is working etc) so for example I have seen my V last for between 4 and 13 hours, but each time it is attributable to what I was doing.

We might use the same apps but for example you might be watching one long video on YouTube and I’m flipping through listicles on like buzzfeed - one tab on Firefox for both cases - that’s still different usage.

Most companies advertise battery life based on unrealistic usage, looping a video with WiFi off lowest brightness etc. but I think for the V the main cause of the difference is because the processor was upped from 4.5W to 7W - I think if you set custom profile with Intel xtu for 4.5W, 10 hours real world usage is not unrealistic.

Regardless, even with the processor at 7w I think you can be confident that you will get at least ~6 hours of usage from your V with real world usage.

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Hi there!

Here’s the thing about the varying battery lifes people have on their V - it’s completely depending on what programs they run on it.
As a rule of thumb, messenger as Telegram, Skype or Slack tend to eat more battery, as do more open Tabs in your browser of choice.
This even varies strongly on a Website to Website basis as I’ve seen myself recently with one website chewing up 25% CPU without any good reason (no, it was not mining in the background :smiley: )

I personally was starting with ~6.5 hours (with various messengers like Telegram, Discord, Slack and Skype & having at least 5+ tabs in Chrome/Firefox) and right now I’m with ~5 hours (with now coding heavily in addition to the previous) - which honestly is pretty good in my book, given that my previous noteobook held for at most 1.5 hours with me just reading and no messengers.

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Hey @iKirin, problem is, that EVE was comparing V with Surface Pro 4 and promising way better battery life. I did test with our company’s SP4 and new SP2017 and result is - same (sometimes slightly better, sometimes worse) battery life as SP4 and way worse battery life than SP2017 (all three are i7 models).

on my Dell, I just turned the computer on, I let it sit for a while, then looked at task manager: image

and the battery bar showed (before opening the task manager and before opennig the browser and having screen on 10%), 11something W… discharging??? from what??
I also checked windows updates, it did not download anything but said it is up to date…

Another strange thing…
I have another 2 in 1, the Lenovo Yoga 700 (NOT 720) with 11.6" screen (capacitive, not active).
The battery bar always tells me discharging at ~5, 6 Watt, hardly ever 7… with the same use as on the SP4 and the Dell (where I see average discharge ~10or more).
I have the same set up, same settings, same battery saving settings etc pp.

Is it maybe this fancy screen on the SP4 and the Dell which is consuming so much more power? It cannot be the size of the screen, the SP4 is hardly bigger than the little 11.6" Lenovo screen…
What do you think? I’m at a loss, I would like to know how to reduce the discharge rate on the SP4 (and future V) and the Dell…

It is impossible to tell you exactly what is causing the problem.

One explanation could reasonably be the screen, even though its smaller, the surface pro has more pixels I think. If the lenovo is 1080p and the surface has the same resolution as the eve, then that’s 3x more pixels even though it might be smaller. (6,000,000 compared to 2,000,000)


could you explain it to me what to the other voltage on the processor changes? Is it faster? I don’t know much about electronic so may you can explain it to me

W here is the unit for Watt, the SI unit for power, or the unit for how much energy is used per unit time. In the context of computer processors, this unit is a representation of the amount of heat (which is energy) the processor releases over an amount of time.

The higher the wattage, the more heat the processor is releasing, meaning that the processor is using more energy - on the same processor, assuming efficiency is constant, the more energy the processor is using the more computations it can do over an amount of time. Of course, different processors have different levels of efficiency, so some processors may use more energy for the same amount of computations that others.

TDP, or Thermal Design Power, which is the particular number that @Wickedly was describing, is the typically the average amount of heat that the processor will dissipate over an amount of time. With a higher TDP, you will need better cooling to prevent the processor from overheating, but you will also require more energy - as a result, with more energy the processor can do more computations, and therefore be “faster”.

In short, the higher the number the faster (or more powerful) the processor will be, but it will require more energy, thus would have a worse battery life.

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hmmmmmmmmm could be one of the reasons, the Lenovo Yoga 700 has a Core m3 6Y30… The Surface a i5, the Dell an i7…:thinking:

It looks like it ! :hugs:

On idle or light usage, the 4.5 W and 7 W setting does not make a difference, because that limit only kicks in ~28 seconds after the system has exceeded 4.5 W or 7 W power continuously. It wont even get close to that on idle. Iirc, the CPU power use is less than 1 W on idle.

Keyboard backlight? Anything on the USB ports? Also consider that 15" means 50% more area to light up than 12"

Interesting, my V m3/128 easily exceeds my SP3 i3/64 and SP4 i5/256. I could confirm that the V gets at least twice the battery life of the SP4, if not 3x. Compared to the SP3, its not that dramatic, but still more than 50% improvement. Have you checked the battery wiki?

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What is a battery wiki?

No backlight, nothing on the ports, … and yes, 15" is much bigger… screenbrightness was 5 to 10%…