Battery Charging and Backups


I am running across a few issues while working with my new V and wanted to see if anyone can help me with them.

  1. My battery charging is very slow- For example just connected to charge with current charge being 84%, it says 5 hours 44 minutes to full charge. Even when the battery is way down, it takes a long time to charge.
  2. When computer is in sleep mode, charging does not take place. Is that normal? Will it charge when the V is off?
  3. I wanted to make a complete backup of my Windows, but it does not allow backing up to a USB drive unlike my laptop, which I had backed up to a USB device. Any suggestions as to how to go about it?
    4, When pressing the on off button to bring the V out from sleep mode, it takes a couple of tries to bring it back up, the first gentle push almost never turns it on.
  4. How do you change the tips of the pen? I believe there is a tool to remove the tip as my fingers cannot grip the tip anyway? Do we need to purchase the tool separately?

As always thank you for your help.

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Hiya @iglobal!

  1. The charge should be a bit faster - it should not take 5h 44 minutes. What charger are you using?
    As for the full charge when it’s not full: Let me just say, that we’re working on something :wink:
  2. It should charge within Sleep Mode. Which port did you use for charging?
  3. Not sure about that functionality, but if it’s a Windows thing it should work just fine as on any other device (except if MS removed it/moved it around in the recent Fall Creators Update)
  4. I can’t comment on this because I have not had that happen to me except a few times in the beginning.

Hope I could help!

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Hi iKirin,

  1. The charger that I am using is the original one that is provided with the V.
  2. I am using the USB C port, as I still waiting for the accessories to arrive. They forgot to ship them. Any suggestions on why it does not charge in sleep mode? Also as I said it does not charge when V is off
  3. Any other suggestions on how to back up the entire Windows since I cannot use the USB option?
  4. So how do all others change the tips of the pen?


For the pen tip, I’m able to pull it out with my finger nails although not everyone can do that. There are tools out there but I would think a pair of tweezers would work too. My wife’s eyebrow pluckers for example :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


which one? if u are using the upper one, did you tried to use the TB3 one for charging? Every pair of tongs or tweezers work for replacing the pen tip…

He keeps saying:-
“I am using the USB C port”

And he is twice asked:-
“which one?”

I find it interesting that nobody offers a solution after asking the question.
Instead they wait for his answer, which again was the same.

BTW I can charge my V from both upper and lower USB-C ports. And I’m not sure it makes that much if any difference.

So why the questions?

And why was he asked “what Charger are you using?”
I would have thought a safe assumption would have been his charger that was provided with his new V.
Since his opening words were :-


Hi V only seems to charge from the bottom port (with camera end being the top). Didnt realise it should charge with both (although though it was funny that it wouldnt).
Make sure you do try both ports.

Thank you all for your input. As I said I am charging it from the top USB C port as I am waiting for my Thunderbolt cable. The thunderbolt port size is different from the regular USB C port. Am I getting this wrong? Can I use the USB C cable to charge through the thunderbolt port?

Yep! You can charge the V through either one of the 2 porst! :slight_smile:

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A single push of the power button will not bring the V out of sleep mode. It always takes a longer hold of the button. 2 or 3 secs in my experience.

As for the pen tip. It comes out easily if you grab it by the “notch” with your finder nails. Your teeth would work well too. Fongster’s suggestion of tweezers is solid as well.