Bamboo Ink with the V

Alright, this wont take too long, but after ordering and using the Bamboo stylus with the V for a bit, I thought I’d share my thoughts. While the V stylus is definitely a very decent stylus, especially considering it was included in the price, the Bamboo ink is, in my opinion, a much nicer experience.
Lag may be a millisecond longer or shorter, I really have no way to tell, and I’m not going to do any slow motion testing. No lag, neither with the Bamboo Ink nor with the V stylus was bad enough to cause any annoyance.
The main advantage of the Bamboo Ink is that it has the same top button which the Surface Pen has, just that it costs half of what that one costs. The top button allows you to program shortcuts like opening an app or, as I use it, to open the Ink Workspace. Its super useful and works really well.
The writing experience is by far nicer with the Bamboo Ink, simply because the pen tips are exchangeable with different ones depending on what feel you like, and they just glide more smoothly.

Now, as I mentioned in another post, there were sometimes problems on the V with palm rejection. Is that gone with the different stylus? Well, not completely. It’s marginally better, but not incredible.
I’d also like to make clear that the palm rejection is by no means bad, just takes a second to get used to writing like that.

One thing that is worth noting as well is that the magnets seem to work better with the Bamboo Ink, probably just because it has flat sides, which make more contact, but if that was something that deeply troubles you, that’s a worthy consideration.

Overall, the Bamboo Ink is worth the money, if you use styluses a lot. It’s half the price of the new surface pen, and does make writing a little nicer.


Thank you for this review! Its exactly what I was looking for.

I have few specific questions:

  • Can you check the IAF (Initial Activation Force)? It is the minimum force required for the pen to register ink to the screen.
  • Also the parallax when the pen is at low angle to the screen (low angle as in, more parallel to the screen than upright, flatter than 45 degrees).

If anyone has, and/or wants to share the experience, it would be great if there is also a review of the Surface Pen (2017 model) and Adonit Ink on the V

Here’s the comparison between the Bamboo Ink, Adonit Ink, and Surface Pen on the SP2017. Maybe we could approximate how they would perform on the V.


Just one word about palm rejection.

That is not a V problem. it is a windows problem. 2 co worker are working with a surface book and they both have a problem with palm rejection.
(Or they haven’t understanding it. I don’t know. )

Do you think that Bamboo and Adonit would have same latency?

Here in Germany, as of yesterday, bamboo ink and surface 2017 pen were both 80€.
Reviews I’ve read so far place the surface pen a little over the bamboo.
If the bamboo is so much better as the V pen, I’m really considering giving the surface pen a shot (if prices stay in the same range).

Ah, I just realised that I managed to buy it on amazon for a reduced price! If they’re the same, I would probably also choose the surface pen!

Can you give me a link to where I can buy this product? Thanks.

There are also a number of knock-off pens that are supposed to work with the Surface.

Anything compatible with Surface 3, 4, and 5 should work with the V.

Thanks a lot. Much appreciated .
Though the ratings aren’t that good.

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Thank you for sharing your thaughts. On the german amazon page are few reviews that mention the Bamboo Ink doesn’t have any magents so they can’t attach it to their Surface Pro. Maybe country specific differences, where did you buy it?
Are there any magnets inside the V Pen?

I haven’t seen the insides of the V pen, but my understanding is that the pen does not have any magnets.

The magnetic grip is provided by the magnets in the V housing and the steel cover of the AAAA battery inside the V pen. And according to Konstantinos there’s also an additional iron sleeve inside the V pen.

And therefore the Wacom Bamboo Ink should grip the side of the V pretty similar to the V pen, possibly a bit better due to its triangular shape (V pen is round).

Post edited after Konstantino’s reply.


Konstantinos mentioned something here about the magnets

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Konstantinos was referring to the magnets inside the V housing, not inside the pen itself.

And konstantinos seems to be replying too, so we’ll know the truth soon.

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V pen has iron inside but no magnets. Pen supplier we use was too large and they didn’t want to customize our pen really so we got the best we could. It’s great to hear that bamboo pen provides good experience. I can’t wait to hear why pen is best in your view surface pen or bamboo ?

@mirv was right :slight_smile:


Thank you all for your replies @mirv, @Konstantinos, @Christoph :blush:. So I think the Bamboo Ink is worth a consideration especially if one compares the prices to the Surface Pen (depends on your country).
It just irritates me that some reviewers stated it wouldn’t stick on the side of their Surface Pro. It should since the V uses the same system if I understand correctly.


Magnet polarity might be different on surface pro? Just guessing here :slight_smile:


I am happy to hear that the Bamboo works with V :grin:
Because I was not happy with the stylus provided with the SP4 and I am using the Bamboo instead. (Bought it at BestBuy).
It also feels better in the hand… (I am painting on the tablet, hope to be able to do the same on the V-tablet…)
Does not stick nicely to the tablet like the SurfacePen (old) one does, but that is a minor issue.

As an aside… and I do not know if it is b/c of the matte film I use on the SP4, both (SP-pen & Bamboo, SP-pen even more) leave residues on the screen which are very visible in sunlight, I have to wipe it of again and again. (It does get wiped off easily with a microfiber cloth).
Anyone experiences similar things?

I got mine at Amazon UK, but I highly doubt there would be country differences. As far as I am aware, the V pen does have magnets.

Pretty sure the V pen has effectively electromagnets. Konstantinos said there is a piece of iron in the pen, which only works when there are batteries. The actual magnets are in the V, which I believe are the same as what’s in the surface. Only difference is geometry of pen.


No the battery is just needed because the battery consists of enough iron so the magnets in the V can attach better to the pen. There are no magnets or electro-magnets in the pen.

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