Backup Software

Which good backup software would you recommend ?

I use this one: Macrium Software | Reflect Free Edition

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I am testing this right now.

The 2 most interesting platforms i found are : Backblaze Personal Backup:, or Arq Backup: while using various cloud providers (i have a google business account, so that’s what I am using).

There are other possibilities, such as Crashplan:, but for me at least that’s not very useful as i have more than 10TB of pictures/videos/various other things and crashplan requires an average of 1GB of RAM per 1TB of data. Uncool.

For me it’s more a question of hardware. I prefer a personal cloud solution like

I personally use BackBlaze as my cloud backup option and AOMEI backup as a manual software backup option. AOMEI is free and has decent features :slight_smile:

Seems to be a question that is morre related to OS and strategies. So I guess you better read some lessons about backup startegies and techniques, then chose a software or tool that comes close to cover your personell needs and implement it.
These days you can nearly run everything everywhere, so I think it is no question about “V or not to V”.

I will test Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows on my V. It is free of charge for end users.

I also use Backblaze. Had to restore once (:computer: :fire:) from their service and it went fine. It was faster to download files than to back them up (which takes a while). I have found it to be good bang for the buck with unlimited backup space. Once I get my V, I might change to a cloud drive service to have more space, but haven’t really figured out which one would be best.

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any tipp? Gerne auch auf deutsch :wink:

FĂĽr den privaten Bereich?
Das Handbuch “Paragon Festplatten Manager” downloaden, und lesen.
Zumindest zeigt es die verschiedenen Wege auf, auch wenn es nicht sĂĽffig wie ein Roman zu lesen ist.
FĂĽr den prof. Bereich gibt es jede Menge umfangreichen Schrifttums.
Einfachste Möglichkeit: regelmäßig eine Kopie der Systemplatte ziehen.

Restore kann dann weitere Probleme bringen. :wink:

Wie wäre es mit NAS im RAID?

If you’re going to discuss in German please use private messages. Keep your public posts in English please.


Please do not give me orders on the language I have to use.
This is just to keep you satisfied - in English:

For the private sector?
Download and read the “Paragon Disk Manager” manual.
At least it shows the different ways, even if it is not as a novel as a reading.
For the prof. There is a lot of extensive literature.
The easiest way is to pull a copy of the system disk regularly.

Restore can then cause further problems. : Wink:

How about NAS in RAID?

Nobody is giving you orders - It is just plain and simple courtesy … Here you are on English forum.


It was more of a polite reminder that this is an international forum where we all write in english, I suppose it’s in the forum guidelines somewhere. I’m also fluent in German, so personally I wouldn’t mind but it kind of sucks for the rest of the community so I raised my voice.


It’s understood. I should have had a closer look at the group guidlines. Sorry.


I guess it depends on the purpose.

I used Macrium Reflect to get snapshot of my disk and migrate to an SSD a while ago. It worked like a charm.
For everyday use, more than backup software I need good cloud services. OneDrive is pretty cheap. DropBox has more features.

I was looking for something similar to Apple Time Machine.

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I think the File History feature from Windows 8 onwards is the closest I suppose…