Backlight stays on when I put computer to sleep

The screen does go to black but it seems the backlight stays on, which means it is using more energy than it needs, as well as there might be some risk for burn-in.

For now, I’ve been manually turning off the display but it would be nice to not have to do that.


The Spectrum has a timeout of something like 3-5 minutes before it goes to sleep and turns the backlight off. I’ve occasionally had it take longer than this, but it does turn off eventually.

You don’t need to worry too much about burn-in. It’s common with emissive technologies (CRT, plasma, OLED) but extremely rare with LCD panels like the Spectrum uses. The backlight won’t be damaged while it’s on, and it uses very little energy for the few minutes it takes the screen to go to sleep.

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See - that’s the thing though, it’s not going to sleep. I have the same issue… when the computer idles to low power mode, the monitor doesn’t turn off. It just sits there forever with the backlight on and occasionally flashes a “no input detected” message.

I even tried leaving it like that over night, and the backlight was still on with that message flashing the next morning when I woke up.


I have had that happen, but not for a while. I’m not 100% sure what I’ve done to fix it.

I know that these steps have helped to resolve issues for me in the past:

  1. Pull out the power cord for 10 seconds and then plug it back in. The power button doesn’t seem to fully turn the Spectrum off, so removing power can help to clear bad values that get stuck in memory.

  2. Load factory defaults from the Presets area of the OSD. This can fix issues unrelated to OSD settings.
    I had a bug where the OSD always showed SDR and 0Hz frame rate, even when I know that the input signal was HDR and 30Hz minimum. Loading factory defaults fixed this bug.

It’s worth seeing if either of these can resolve the issue, even if only temporarily.

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I’ve done both of those for sure. The issue first started after updating to 104, and due to that and a few other issues I tried resetting OSD to factory defaults a couple of times, and attempting to revert to firmware 102 (this was before they said it wasn’t supported). That involves pulling the power cable.

Once in a blue moon it turns off as expected when idling, but most of the time it doesn’t. No idea why though.


Same issue after upgrading to 104

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I too have seen this when on the 102 firmware and even after the 104 firmware update. I do not know if it’s continuing to happen since I just turn all of my monitors off at night now rather than using the power save. It’s much more inconvenient but it solves the issue of the system locking up when coming out of sleep.

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Just got my monitor today and it’s showing the same behavior. FW 104.

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Hi @Grant_Kot

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your Spectrum. Please contact our support team and they will be able to provide further assistance. If you have already contacted our support team, please DM me your support ticket reference number and I’ll pass it onto the team to look into for you.

Also happening for me, but only started after I went to FW 104. I submitted a ticket on this 5 days ago, but have not heard back yet. Will DM the support ticket ID to you, @MarvyMarvz.

Mine seems to linger for a lot longer than 3-5 minutes … it does eventually turn off, but having filmed the screen in timelapse, I’ve come to conclude that it’s not consistent. Sometimes it takes hours, sometimes minutes. Occasionally, it’s on all night.


It’s pretty funny that the time it takes for support to reply in some cases has exceeded the 14 day return window. Sigh.

That’s when you need to get assertive. If you contacted them within the return window, and missed out solely because of their actions, that’s on them and they still need to honour the return.

I also have this issue. The screen stays on. Also on firmware 4. What should I do?

I just contacted support about this exact issue. My monitor never goes into standby, no matter how long it’s on. I was originally on Firmware 102, I updated to 104 with no change. I was browsing through the forums to see if I could find Firmware notes. I wanted to see if it was fixed and it was just me, but clearly not.

Having this EXACT issue since I upgraded to 1.4 FW wasn’t doing it at all before. Also having the issue where sometimes when in a game (Star Citizen in this case haven’t tested with others yet), with auto hdr on in win 11 it will randomly got to a black screen and the screen will come back (after I alt tab between the desktop and game) but then when it comes back the screen is all washed out. In game and on the desktop (until I turn hdr off completely then re-enable it).

It seems to me like there are A LOT of firmware fixes needed to the version that follows 1.4 which is a damned shame because aside from these issues it’s a mighty fine monitor.

I have two Spectrum’s hooked up to 2018 MacBook Pro via USB-C. One of them goes to sleep shortly after the computer goes to sleep and the other monitor stays on for a while and goes to sleep soon after.

Hi @sunbeam60, @Gunpowder, @Soulplayer, @ThexAlien, @Martsmac

This seems to be a 3080 & 3090 issue. Are you able to confirm what GPU you’re running?

I would recommend reverting back to 102 until we come up with a fix for this or alternatively upgrading to 105, hoping the issue doesn’t persist.

@tech_o_maniac - This seems to be a different issue. How long does it take for your monitors to sleep roughly?

I’m running an Nvidia GTX1080Ti. I can confirm that this is only an issue for me when using Displayport, when I switched to HDMI my monitor now goes to standby albeit very slow in compassion (my other monitors sleep within seconds according to power settings the Spectrum takes a minute or two. The Spectrum states HDMI has disconnected, then goes into standby.) to my other monitors. However; the monitor seems to disconnect, not go to sleep because when I have something open on this monitor and they go to ‘sleep’ it will transfer to my other monitor and not stay on my primary.

Also, I came from Firmware 102, which I was having the same issues which is why I upgraded to 104 then to 105 all having the same issue. Spectrum not going to sleep while connected via DisplayPort

So I am running a 3090, however this issue seems to be resolved in 105. I will continue to test and report back if I notice it again. 3090 ftw3 ultra to be precise. (The later revision without the voltage controller issue)

I’m running a 3080 and I’ve been experiencing this problem since receiving the monitor. Also, the monitor will sleep, and minutes later will wake. Sometimes over and over, all night. I updated to 105 a few days ago and had the issue today, so I can confirm that, at least in my case, that first issue persists.