Backlight issue

Look at the backlight on my new Spectrum – must be broken right?


That looks like you have HDR enabled. It’s lighting up the mouse and that icon.

It’s definitely a local dimming + IPS backlight bleed issue.

The LG panel used by the Spectrum has 16 vertical dimming zones across the width of the panel. These will turn off if that vertical section of panel is black, but will turn on if there’s content that needs to be shown.

In the image above, the white circle in the middle of the screen and the icon at the bottom-right are causing the backlight in those zones to come on. As the panel uses IPS technology, some of that backlight bleeds through even though it’s displaying black.

It’s far more noticeable if you’re viewing a dark picture in a dimly lit room, compared to a bright picture or a bright room.

The firmware team are supposedly aware of this issue and are looking at a way to turn off local dimming. This means that the backlight across the entire monitor will come on, but at least the bleed will be uniform rather than just certain areas.

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Hi @Daniel_Hilding,

As Yep has stated, it seems you have HDR enabled.

Your Spectrum is not broken at all.

Looking at the picture, there is an item in the lower right of the screen, causing the right side of the backlight to shoot up. The one in the middle is caused by the crosshair, seen as the little white dot in the middle. By definition, the backlight is enabled when there are elements on the screen that needs to be viewed. Being edge-lit, even having the crosshair in the center of the screen with no signal will cause the backlight to fire up so that the crosshair can be viewed (the same applies to the FRC and the OSD itself, also).

This is perfectly normal as this is to be expected. If you don’t want that backlight(s) on, remove the element(s) from the screen.