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Can’t wait for Spectrum and Muse :smiley:
Hope they come out this year without any roadblocks that plagued the launch of the V.


With the experience the team gained from the V and an improved supply line, things will probably go a lot smoother.


this is something i asked Konstantinos, because as i read it, they are gonna make new start

but they mention

Making things right

We are aware of the people affected by the business struggles of the partner that previously operated the web store. As we are moving to the new structure and launch new projects such as the monitor and headphones, we will make sure that their success will help these people. To maintain our reputation we are now working on the plan how to help out people affected by bad experience with the previous merchant

but not sure, what that would mean for refund… that is not clear for me, once I have a reply, will post it here also


I feel like it’s been explained pretty well at this point. They have said that in order to get funds to pay back people who were at a loss due to the fund freezes, they will need the current projects to be successful.


Isn’t that like a Ponzi scheme?


The overall difference to all schemes is, that the people at eve worked their ass off and actually made a product worth buying. And now they keep producing interesting products. The monitor and the headphones could be really cool.
Knowing or rather believing all this, I am still frustrated ^^
Especially now since friends changed from making fun of me, to feeling sorry for me. That’s way worse! xD

On topic: interesting atricle and all :slight_smile:

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