Auto Shut Off Function?

Does anybody know a setting that I can turn on in order to have an auto shut off after a certain amount of time that monitor is not in use? I sometimes forget to shut off monitor after playing my Xbox or PS and come down to it still on. I would like it to basically go into standby or shut itself off.

Hi @shsabres,

The Spectrum goes into standby mode, once it can no longer detect an input source.


The below should let you know which standby settings are activated.

OSD Menu > Indicator Light > Standby Behaviour

Mine is set to ‘Slow Pulse’, so once I see the slow LED pulse on my Spectrum, I know it’s on Standby.

If you would like to shut off your Monitor remotely, I recommend purchasing a smart plug. I use the below for a few monitors/TV’s around the house and I command Siri to turn it off or just use the Philips Hue app on my phone to do so. I also have a Philips Hue bridge, which I use to command multiple Philips Hue products around my house.

I hope this helps.

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