Author of "End of June Shipping/Refund"

Hello Eve Community,

this is an open letter addressed to everyone who has either
a) read “End of June Shipping/Refund”
b) posted on “End of June Shipping/Refund”
c) moderates here
d) casually lurks here.

I am the author of this most controversial post “End of June Shipping/Refund”. I have observed this post almost daily and I must say I’m … most disappointed.

11K views, 460 replies – all of them having nothing to do with what I said. Many just read the title and thought it was the perfect opportunity to let go of some steam. Too bad, that’s not the intent of what I posted.

You may have noticed that my post had been closed, re-opened, then closed and re-re-opened over and over, again and again. Now, after 5 weeks, he post has been hidden for now and the Community Manager and I are currently working on a solution. It has also been flagged as spam.

I’d like to clarify: it’s not spam. But everything that had been posted underneith certainly is. You made a shitstorm out of my appeal to get a grip on yourselves. Why? That’s not the spirit of this community.

Everyone involved – including myself – should reconsider. No one is to blame here; we all stuffed up. A misleading title, a post nobody bothered to read (apparently) = fuel for controversy and the spark by said non-reader.

I’m sorry that we need an apology.
I’m sorry for the Community Manager having to put up with this reoccurring minx of a post.
I’m sorry for the community needing to search for a vent letting go of some steam.

And most importantly, I’m sorry to say that my V has arrived and that the wait was worth it.

Tabula in Naufragio


If the thread was that disappointing to you, why would you leave it up for so long…? Serious question.

Making that thread to begin with created the so called “shitstorm”. Whether they read the original post or not, you were asking for it to happen. :exploding_head:

Super stoked for you, glad to hear you like it and that they’re still shipping :smiley:


Wait a second, I thought you were quite a newbie, how come your device has already been delivered?
Or were you just new to the forum?

From the original post:

Guess he joined some months after ordering, but he has been making very good posts on here :slight_smile:

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Ah, friend, ho knew beforehand that there would be some who where sure that only repetition could make things moving . . . . . . .

Congratulations and Bravo, very well said!

I hope and trust you enjoy your V as much as I enjoy mine.

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