Authentic Ebay Seller for Sony SONY MH-755? [winning entry for Muse Review contest]

Continuing the discussion from Muse: Product review competiton:

Has anyone ever successfully bought this from eBay? Any sellers you can vouch for this? Wanna avoid fakes.

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Kanoya on Ebay.

This is where I got mine, he upped the price a tad (to 10$) but they’re genuine, so I’ll gladly pay that :slight_smile:

EDIT: Here’s a link to the store:

He’s even got the black MH now (which are motherf*cking rare) and replacement tips for the black one :slight_smile:


I’m messaging with Kanoya now. Thanks, man! :sunglasses:

Kanoya said it’ll take a long time to restock on the black. Black is out of stock now, haha.

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By the way, do these have a microphone?

Nope they don’t have a mic :confused:

But you can mmcx mod them and use a mmcx with a microphone

Interested to do that. :grin:

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Also, I’m not suprised the black are out of stock considering that there have never been much opportunities to get confirmed original black MH755’s :slight_smile: