Audio out options, using Xbox Series X and PC

Okay, both devices are through HDMI 2.1. The sound through the aux cable is very low. On a 1-100 scale, both need to be on at least 45, and 45-65 aren’t much on improvement on loudness.

It is not my sound bar, as my volume was around 15-25. 25 was very loud with optical out before.

Can the USB or Type C USB be used to send sound to my soundbar?

I do have an aux cable that has USB C with DAC, I use it for my phone.


Exact same issue. I want to use the 3.5mm monitor jack so I can listen to both my pc and XBSX without having to switch every time. When i use the 3.5m jack on my second monitor (samsung G5), the volume gets BOOMING. Yet on my eve 27 144hz its laughably quiet on max volume.

Any solutions?

Update: i found a solution for my particular case. Rather than using the monitor’s audio jack, I’m just using my mixamp TR which is connected to either my Xbox or my PC, and plugging in my soundbar to the mixamp. Now i can hear anything at high volume.

Edit: it didnt solve my problem of having to switch inputs every time I go from Xbox to pc or vice versa,

However it solved the issue of not being able to play sound through my xbox via soundbar (without having to get some hdmi audio extractor thingy that is very limited)

Along with the low monitor volume issue

And overall just being able to use my mixamp to control volume levels rather than touching the monitor or soundbar is lovely.

We will look into providing additional volume headroom in a future firmware version. Although we found that going above the current volume cap may introduce perceivable noise to the audio, it may be worth the trade-off for some use cases.


I will try it. Anything is better than the craptastic audio this monitor puts out

I use a usb dac and a usb splitter. sound bar goes into the dac, dac goes into usb splitter, splitter goes into pc and ps5, then I just need to click a button to switch between. I use soundblaster g6 for the dac and a hdmi to toslink cable from the sound bar to the dac. (sonos sell one) (need toslink to mini toslink cable and a toslink coupler as well)

earc or arc would have been awesome on the spectrum tho

Not to resurrect a dead thread, but …

After my firmware team meeting last night, we have finally got a working fix that is currently being evaluated to fix the low output of the audio port.

As soon as we can get the final bits for the next fw release, we’ll be sure to let everyone know. Stay tuned!


I look forward to it


There is a solution for the Audio output:
WiiM Mini AirPlay2 Wireless Audio Streamer
Connect Eve Spectrum 3.5mm Aux out to WiiM Mini Aux In then connect via Airplay 2 to supported devices example: Sonos Beam (Gen 2)

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I hope that can be fixed. On the PS5 I have low sound volume and already a buzzing noice. On the Series X its better but still a buzzing noice when no there are no loud sounds ingame.

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I just bought this DAC for the PS5

Connects to the PS5 USB and I am using the headphone out to desktop pc speakers.
Sound should be better than going into a monitor and then out of its Jack.
Works fine, there are cheaper ones, but I hope to use the optical out in the future which I have tested and also works fine.
If only Sony had put one output on the PS5 for sound and the cost added would have been miniscule!