Audio Jack noise

Been pretty happy with my Eve Spectrum so far as both a monitor and a USB dock. Usually I’ve been using the USB audio with the built in USB hub but sometimes when I want to use the analog audio jack output I notice there’s a lot of noise in the output. I wonder if there’s some interference from the power supply?

Anyone else noticing this when using their analog audio output on their Spectrum?



I just received my new monitor ES07D03 yesterday, so i tested my Home theater Bose connecting by jack, but same, lot of noise and only 1 horn was receiving audio, thats rare!

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Hi there!

I have similar problems. I route the audio signal from my old Game Cube into my audio interface via the audio output of the screen. While using the Game Cube I have no problem and hear no noise. However, when I am using headphones or my studio monitors on the PC, I get a constant noise from the corresponding channel. Since I can simply mute the channel it’s not a big deal for me personally, however it could be for many users.

The noise itself is a rhythmic scratching (similar to the scratching that cell phone signals can trigger), with occasional high-frequency outliers.


Hi @Joshua_Neff,

Sorry to hear you are having issues with the Spectrum.

I’ve brought this up to the team and are currently working on a solution. Once I hear back from them, I’ll keep you updated.

EDIT: @Joshua_Neff - What is your set up currently? What do you have connected to your Spectrum?


Hi @MarvyMarvz ,

thanks for investigating.

I have two Spectrums. The monitor to which I connected both the Game Cube and the audio interface has two occupied USB A slots, an HDMI 2.1 cable (PC), an HDMI cable (Game Cube) and a USB C cable (video signal from my laptop) connected to it.

The audio interface is an Audient Evo 4 connected to the screen with a 3.5mm jack (Spectrum) to XLR (Interface) cable.

If you need more details about my cabling and the connected devices please let me know.

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Does the noise exist if nothing else is connected to the USB slots? (I really suspect this is at least partially the cause)
Does it also exist if you move to the other monitor? (This might also be, depending upon which set of ports (inside versus outside) are being used…

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Hi @nkyadav ,

I will check as soon as possible if I can see a difference without the USB devices plugged in. Then I could plug the audio cable into the other Spectrum and observe the effects.

Since I have a lot of cables connected to both Spectrums, I would like to avoid a complete change of cables, but of course I understand the necessity.

If there are any other desired test setups, please let me know.


I think this is a good start. TBH We’ve seen reports run the gamut, from nothing plugged in to numerous things plugged in like you, but oine thing we’re really short on is having users with multiple monitors to test side by side.

And, also, a personal thank you from me, for being willing to look into this. We’re not trying to merely give you busy work to keep you out of our hair, but rather, quite the opposite - as long as we can ascertain it is either an isolated issue (in your case, it happens on the one monitor only) or else we can isolate it in a very specific scenario (for instance, If you have both Type A ports populated or none populated, then there is noise in the jack), then we can push to have it sent to the repair unit so they can take a closer look at the unit, which may then involve the firmware team, designers, etc. Currently, the test units used by them don’t exhibit this issue, so they can’t fix what they can’t see (well, hear).

But, at the same time, I also know that it’s a PITA to be troubleshooting something that, for all intents and purposes, should just work out of the box. And some users take offense when we ask for troubleshooting, especially when we’re not clear about it (like I am now, finally, being with you) as to why we’re asking.

So, thanks again, and I look forward to hearing your results.

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I also have the same issue, I thought it was a known one planned to be fixed with future updates so I didn’t notify no one. The noise appears when some sound is played. I tried both with my computer trough USB-C and a XBX with HDMI. When jack plugged in with no other devices connected, no sound so no noise. When Spectrum recognises a sound being passed trough, the noise appears. So with the xbox it happens as soon as I turn it on. For the computer, no noise until I play some sound. Then the noise remains present even when pc and xbox unplugged. I was planning to use the spectrum for an all in one hub, unfortunately I have to switch the jack between the different devices I use. I first thought the length of my jack pin was an issue, I tried with multiple jacks and all produce the same result, noise.
I hope it is software related

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Thank you for the detailed report - it will help, trust me.

I use my wireless headphones, but I have found my old Astro A40 wired headset, and I recently got a replacement cable for the that, because the part that plugs into the headset itself is … weak and breaks easily - I can now start testing some of these issues on my end.

If you could describe the noise(s) that you are hearing, that would be helpful. If you could re-route the headphone jack to an input to record the sound directly (not by holding a phone to a speaker) that would be even more helpful.

Finally, if you haven’t already contacted support, please do.

Originally posted in Development forum:

I don’t recall anyone else reporting this, but there is a problem with an uneven high pitched sound being transmitted when connecting a pair of headphones via a 3.5mm jack.

The sound is not there constantly, but only when the connected device has been outputting sound recently. The best way to reproduce it is to listen to Spotify and then pause the music. A very noticeable whirring uneven electrical sound is then present. It lasts for about 15 seconds then disappears. I suppose there is some mechanism on a PC that cuts the signal after a while not broadcasting.

Similarly, you might notice it when watching a movie during a quiet scene or just after the Fox/Searchlight intro for example.

I have tested with two different headphones. One Sennheiser HD 449 and one pair of JBL in-ear headphones.
I have also tried with two different laptops over USB-C with different screen refresh rates and with a third PC over HDMI 1. The result is the same in every case.

Not high on the priority list, compared to what else is reported here, but it is very disturbing once you start paying attention to it. Must be very annoying when connected to speakers too.

Using FW 104.

Edit: Tried playing FIFA 22 which has a lot of quiet moments. Same issue, but additionally loud clicking sounds during matches. Unbearable.

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Hi @TD,

I am forwarding this issue to the team. I would recommend contacting support on the meantime.

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