ASUS Zenbook Flip 15

Seems ASUS have launched another set of 2-1 devices, for me the most interesting one is the Flip 15

IMO if they have got the build quality right that is an amazing device.

But as I said it will come down to the build quality including things like cooling quality and battery. Starting at 900 euros.

We will have to wait and see the battery life and other parts from reviews. The spectre x360 is already awesome, but I’m still a V-er.

Their universal dock seems interesting as potential to use with the V
About UK£140

as does the older Dell 3100 Dell 452-BBOO USB 3.0 Ultra HD Triple Video Docking Station at similar price

wow very interesting in fact.
but a little expensive.
Aren’t there any other cheaper?

Looks pretty good except for dedicated charger (not USB-C). CA$134 is not that bad.

It’s a LAPTOP, not 2-in-1, no comparison to EVE’s V

This dock looks promising. What do you mean by dedicated charger, will it not charge the laptop through the USB-C port?

I think he’s talking about the laptop not using usb c.
the dock has power passthrough so yes it will charge a laptop with usb c. but not this one :stuck_out_tongue:
atleast i saw a DCIN port in the first few seconds of the first video so im guessing so.

No - dedicated charger (not USB-C) for the dock - so if you take it with you you are taking additional charger too.

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No - charger for the dock.


Please excuse my ignorance, but how would you charge dock if not through a charger?
Would you charge it through USB-C with another device?

I’m looking to use a dock that will charge the V through USB-C, which I guess means the dock has to have its own charger.

Are you planning to use the dock on the go, receiving power from the laptop rather than the reverse?

Charging dock through additional USB-C in (PD type) which could be used for charging laptop (with or without dock), phones, etc. Just to save amount of charges when travelling.


If ASUS cools this correctly, this could be a compelling 2 in 1.