Asus Transformer 3 Pro Impressions

So I moved to the Asus Transformer 3 Pro (T303UA) from the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Reasons for the change was the future proofing regarding ports and the lower price. Now I want the Eve V!

There are good reviews online for details, but these are my impressions:

What is good:
Windows Hello Compatibility. The IR cameras that face unlock is super convenient. The fingerprint version on the wife’s Lenovo Yoga is pretty good as well.

USB-C Thunderbolt and legacy USB 3.0 are excellent.
I like that the MicroSD card stays pretty flush when inserted, allowing me to just leave it in there (approximately half the height of the volume rocker). The SP4 spot for the MicroSD card is the best (under the kickstand)

shortcuts: Keyboard backlight control, screen brightness/screen off, projecting, volume. I was annoyed that SP4 required unmarked FN backspace to toggle screen brightness.
Arrow keys. I like the consistency in size on the Asus vs the large left and right keys on the SP4

Kickstand: extends out to 155 degrees.

Pen works well

eGPU. Would be awesome, but the XG 2 station is not released yet.

Per reports and specs it can charge via the Asus Zenpower Max powerbank

What is neutral:
HDMI. Nice that it is there (preferred over DisplayPort on SP4), but I generally use Miracast.
While using in landscape mode, the volume rocker on left edge. The SP4 has it on top, doesn’t make much of a difference.

Pen. It works fine, same as SP4

What can be better:
Battery life: With CPU max at 99% and battery saver on at all times I get 3-4 hours of use. This is keeping minimal tabs open on Edge and not streaming anything. It will go <3 hours if I browse like I do on my primary machine.

Fan noise: my first Asus had terrible clicking/buzzing/grinding fan noise, super loud. My replacement will only make the clicking noise when I rotate the tablet quickly (lean it back quickly) while the fan is running.


No function key toggle: I like the function key lock on the SP4 (like capslock). The Asus defaults to the function keys (F1-F12) which I like because I use those often at work. However, being able to toggle them on and off was nice on SP4
Weak magnet: the magnet holding the keyboard to the tablet is very weak. I usually use the keyboard at an angle using the second set of magnets. When folding the keyboard over backwards, it will detach. The SP4 held on supertight, and I think that is better.
Will disconnect often when flipping keyboard up and down

Pushing it closed usually leaves a small gap on a corner. The resistance that keeps it open goes all the way to closure, unlike the SP4 where the last couple degrees are free hanging so it snaps closed. Not a big deal, really.
Will sometimes collapse when opened past 90 degrees and you poke at the screen.

A lot, pretty annoying. Access to drivers is inconvenient.


What do you do normally as daily tasks? Want to see why you get the CPU max at 99%

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Are you sure it’s due to the SSD and not bottlenecked due to e.g. bloat?
And since you’ve got access to the device - just to satisfy my curiosity, which SSD did they use? (Right-click on the C:\ → Properties/Settings → Hardware and there it should be listed).

Because at least in my personal quick&dirty testing there is no perciveable difference in a SATA SSD and PCIe SSD if both run of a clean Windows installation & otherwise very similar hardware.

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Did anybody find out if the SSD is SATA or PCIe? Thanks…

On the ASUS Transformer 3 Pro, can you use the keyboard when it is detached from the screen? Thanks.

I think the SSD in the Transformer 3 Pro should be SATA.
And as far as my knowledge goes the V is the only 2in1 device that has a keyboard that is useable when it’s deattached. :slight_smile: And I know for sure that no other 2in1 allows you to connect 2 other bluetooth devices to the keyboard :wink:


I set the CPU at 99% to increase battery life. It works great and unthrottled when I let it go at 100%

re SSD, I haven’t seen any slow down since all I do is use it for work/browsing/streaming. SSD is HFS512G39MND-3510A

You mentioned the slow SSD as a negative point - so what is it at this point? :slight_smile:

You can buy Asus Transformer 3 Pro in different versions with either SATA or PCIE SSDs.

There is also the Vaio Z Canvas with a wireless keyboard.

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Surface Pro 4 allows bluetooth keyboards. Acer Aspire Switch 12’s keyboard works when detached.

“Should be” SATA, or “IS” SATA? Thanks…

The ONLY places I see it for sale is COSTCO and Amazon. Costco is $200 off. Is Costo’s the SATA or PCIE? Thanks.

I got mine from Costco and from what I can see, mine is SATA. In terms of real world use the SSD speed has not come up at all.

It would be great if EVE V could support the Asus XG2 eGPU dock since it seems that Asus is open to other OEMs getting in on it.

re SSD I just figure that at this price point they could use PCIE

Eve V will support all eGPU docks that obey the standard. So unless someone is dead serious about developing a proprietary standard for their eGPU, it will be supported :slight_smile:

that thing is just way too overpriced

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@Marv & @Jeffrey_Newton: Thanks, I didn’t know that those 2 offered wireless keyboards!

And @Jeffrey_Newton any 2in1 with bluetooth basically allows bluetooth keyboards :wink:
It’s “should be” as I’m not sure that it is SATA but I guess it is.

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I (and the salesman) just tried using the Acer Switch 12 with the keyboard detached. At least as set up in the store, IT DID NOT WORK. I saw that it did in a review, not from an official Asus statement. So, it’s a mystery at this point.