As a designer do I need an i7 to run an external touchscreen

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for being a great community! I just wanted to know if I could get some input on what eve-v I should plan on buying?

I use Photoshop and Illustrator on a daily basis and I want a computer that can power me doing this easily through the V onto a 23 inch Dell touchscreen. I plan to use the Eve-v to draw on while running open windows on the touch monitor, not really to interact with the Dell as a tablet. I would like to be able to run photoshop on the V while keeping open browser windows on the monitor.

I havnt bought a new computer in years and I’m stepping my game into all new territory with this. I hope it’s going to be awesome and run like a dream. Does this sound too intense for the i5?

I know it’s not as demanding as gaming, so I think the i5 should be ok. I always to myself I would never buy another computer with less than 16Gigs of RAM, however I’ve never used a computer with a solid state drive before, so maybe it matters less.


Thank you!

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As a design student myself… i find my current laptop i5 512gb 4gb-ddr3-ram just fine in every day tasks… but still sluggish in adobe programs such as premier and illustrator. However advanced CAD software is near impossible and rendering images too. I would suggest a i7 only for the much better internal graphics… 16gb of ram as you probably don’t when u need it… just future proof it! Even though my laptop is three years old 512g hard drive is just enough for me as a studend with large fils of videos and many large programs. BUT REMEMBER that its a 512gb ssd on the V, ssd’s can go corrupt you data over time… so in future proofing its you still need a external hard drive. Btw if your a professional designer… and don’t work on the go like me (a student) i assuming you a eGPU such as the Razor Core sitting on your workspace… so with tbe thunder bolt port allt you shoild just get is a i5. But if you don’t plan to be mobile then why are looking at the V. Just build a customer beast PC for your needs

I’m not 100% sure, but I think the i7 jut provides a slightly higher clocked integated gpu. I believe the 615 will be on all V models.

SSDs corrupting your data over time…?

That’s a myth based on the fact SSDs don’t crash and burn like HDDs. Sectors fail, slowly. So data loss isn’t instant. TRIM and smart error detection keep your data out of those sectors and shut them off from access as damage occurs. I’m pretty sure devices can alert you to this as well.

They still have to fail for this to happen, and SSDs are pretty darn reliable nowadays.

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Also, to OP, if you have anything that requires graphics, you can purchase an eGPU to buff up the graphics to near desktop levels (as long as you’re not CPU limited).


not all SSD’s have integrated erro detection… many still rely on the motherboard and the OS to detect these falts

Intel has a very good track record when it comes to SSD reliability. That said, any electronic device (heck, any device!) can fail and will do so at some point. We of course always hope that that point is many years into the future, preferably well after we’ve stopped using the device so we never have to deal with it. So it is important to make back-ups of any important file on the device. That goes for machines with flash storage as much as for machines with mechanical magnetic storage drives. If it’s important, make a back-up. No exceptions.

Now, with that out of the way, let’s get to your initial question!

Using an external touch screen should not put much load on your computer – the second screen is just a screen, and the touch panel built into it is just an input device. The monitor should do most of the hard work!

In essence, the m3, i5 and i7 models used in the V are very similar. They are all hyperthreaded dual-core processors, and they are all equipped with Intel’s HD615 graphics adapter. The main (only?) difference is in the clock speeds at which they run. When put to work (and you are planning on doing that, with Photoshop and Illustrator) the i5 will be a bit faster than the m3 model, and the i7 will be a bit faster than the i5 model in turn.

The 16GB of memory in the i7 model may help with the graphics workload, so that may have more impact on your user experience than the CPU difference. If it’s a business purchase, I’d recommend not to skimp out on performance and go for the i7 model. If it’s for personal use, any of the V models should do the trick. Some models just do the trick faster than others…