Artificial Intelligence Documentary - "Do You Trust This Computer"

It’s made by Papercut Films, the same people that made “Who Killed the Electric Car” back in 2006. I think it’s a pretty interesting documentary thus far, (I’m about halfway through) so I thought I would pose some questions to the community to provoke discussion about artificial intelligence.

What are your thoughts about A.I. and the future of A.I.?

Do you agree with the message of the documentary, or do you believe A.I. is still too primitive to be a danger to humanity?

In what fields do you think A.I. will be vastly beneficial, and why?

Do you have any experience with A.I? Let me know below!

If you missed their free viewing you can watch the documentary on YouTube.

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I’m actually starting an investigation project about AI, so any link that you can guys put here will be very helpful!
Thanks in advance!!!
By the way, that documentary seems to be very interesting


They mentioned a textbook in the documentary used to teach students about AI. It’s called “Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach”, you may want to look into that. I’m thinking of reading it myself once I get some free time on my hands!


I think that AI is slightly overhyped (it isn’t as powerful as people think, at least that’s what people around me think), though it’s capabilities and potential applications are undoubtedly powerful. The future of AI is definitely putting it into consumer’s hands. AI-powered apps are starting to pop up (albeit not full AI) and they have proved to be very capable. Digital assistants are starting to become more natural in speech and I think that AI is also advantageous to that. I am also sure that corporations are going to benefit from AI although I’m not sure what those benefits are.

AI is definitely still too primitive to be a danger to humanity, but we’re getting there. I think that AI should be controlled and I agree that there should be some regulation for developing AI to ensure the safety of humanity when true AI is developed. But I am skeptical as to how AI should be treating ethical problems.

AI will be vastly beneficial in almost everything that doesn’t require a higher order of ethical thinking IMO.

I am currently participating in two competitions, one for writing a 1000-word essay on the theme “AI vs Humans: Who will win” and an 800-word proposal on how to add AI-based features into an application of my choosing. I have chosen MTR Mobile (travel application for the MTR in Hong Kong) for that proposal, adding multiple AI features in them. It is very difficult for me to explain a completely redesigned application with AI features in 800 words :frowning:


I really wonder what will have to happen so that we start to regulate AI research and AIs in general and if it’ll be too late already by then or if we’ll get glorious times.


Hopefully governments around the world soon realize the threat of AI and large data collection before something goes horribly wrong.


Sadly, history usually tells a different story.

But it’s getting dark. The bright side is that we have @nawthor guarding the community. At least until he strikes :grin:


This article is only about Facebook’s shadow profiles of people, but kind of related to the whole data gathering


Ah yes, Facebook. Zuckerberg’s congressional hearing has been a total embarrassment for the past few days. It probably wasn’t the best idea to have Senators, who know little to nothing about technology or even Facebook for that matter, question Zuckerberg about the data breach.

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At least it gave us ZuckerBot :smiley: but yes, everything I read about it indicated the same and some questions were just embarrassing… But he paid quite a lot of them during one of their campaigns over the years. So, what to expect?

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Good point of view!
Courage for your competition efforts: Please keep us posted :hugs:

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