Article from Engaget - Very positive

Website/place where Eve is discussed:

Thought you guys would like to see.


+ Your additional comments on the article/discussion/etc.


Fascinating indeed. The whole article very well addressed and the verdict of course, we couldn’t hope for anything better. With outlets like this, the news are going to reach a very large volume of readers in no time i think. :relaxed:

This article brought me here. I’m waiting for my Surface Pro 4 to arrive in the mail, but with the lack of USB-C, I’m thinking I might be better off returning it and buying an EVE V with the new Surface pen.


Good post, but shall we shift this to the consolidated thread on Computex articles for ease of reference? @iKirin @Helios

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You forgot Community Manager II :wink:.

This article has already been mentioned here:

So I will close this thread as duplicate.