Are Trust Levels Still a Thing?

So I did some digging around and read the page on the “new user tutorial” but it isn’t really clear if trust levels are still being assigned past level 1. I would really like to work my up to a “regular” or higher so I hope they’re still a thing.

Let me know, thanks!


They do still exist, basic, member and regular for mere mortals, and leader which is basically just staff.

There are only 64 “regulars” in the community, and most people are “Basic”

People do still get their “regular” badge, but it’s not given lightly, and takes a little while to attain. I’m not certain of the exact process, maybe a team member can speak to that better.

If you continue to be an active, reliable contributor and you’ll be on your way to being a regular!

(hint, if you look in the available badges, and click on Regular, you can see the names of all the regulars and when they were given it - that may give you an idea of what’s involved)


Thanks, looks like I have some work to do haha!


I was a regular, guess it got revoked when my trust level was dropped for silencing etc when making posts that weren’t agreeable with some sensibilities.

So yes, trust levels are still a thing as far as I can tell and also restricts where you can and can’t wait I think.

Trust Levels are still a thing, though we are moving them farther behind the curtains. Right now they mostly just offer us an insight of users’ overall activity on the forums.

Trust Level 0 does its job at intercepting spammers and the like, but the only major practical benefit offered by a higher trust level, is that you’ll gain access to the Archive category where things like the development history of the V is kept.

By the time users gain access to it, they should understand how Eve’s development process and forum software works, which helps to tell apart outdated information from current information.


Aha, I’ve finally gotten my regular badge! :grinning:


I’m a plain old member, and happy with it!

Mhmhmh seems strange not to be regular then😅

Not sure, if Eve has exactly the same requirements or if they did changes, but foremost you have to be active and contributing to become and be a regular :wink:

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