Are 2 in 1 useful for university?

Hi, I’m going to study Electronic Engineering in Spain. I wanted a laptop, but browsing on the web I found the 2 in 1, and I fell in love :joy:.

What do you think? Is the V suitable or is better a laptop?

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It depends on your workstyle. I prefer 2in1, but I’m on the other side of barricade at university (external teacher).


As someone who started university with a notebook and then got to play around with quite a bunch of prototypes - I think they’re pretty useful for university.
The ability to note down stuff or just have diagrams and that kinda thing digitally is amazing for me at least and I wish I’d have started university with a 2in1 :smiley:


In my time, I was doing university with Sinclair ZX Spectrum, home TV and cassette recorder; upgrade was 386SX computer …


Once you start using one, there is no going back :rofl:
But like with anything in life, be sure to get a good one :wink:


It depends, what you intend, as a productivity gadget or paper weight stone :slight_smile:

17" laptops work great for the latter :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I personally will start University in Oktober. I will work with a 2 in 1 and OneNote, so I could insert the paper stuff from the professor and make notes direkt in it. I don’t have to print things or such a cap and have everything together. If a semester is build on another you have your old paperwork with you all the time. Imagine what you had to carry around in actual paper if you wanted to do that. But if you like to learn with paper you could print it out and will still have paper. But take a stylus with you. There are studies that show you could remember things better if you wrote it with your hands amd have an advantage in learning.

But in the end it depends on how you like to manage your studies.

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While I think its largely up to personal opinion, I can tell you that I really loved having a 2 in 1 going through university. I recently graduated and used a SP3 the entire time, and the flexibility, portability and full-blown OS (not a mobile one like iOS) allowed me to do almost everything I wanted. The only thing lacking is screen real estate, but this can be easily solved with an external monitor or outsourcing some work to a computer lab on campus (if that is available). IMHO, this is the best of both worlds as the external monitor gives you way more space than even the largest laptops.


I’m studying IT/economics Most people even the professors at our univerity use a Surface Pro. But it also depends how your lessons are prepared. We for example had for ever lesson a powerpoint presentation because it’s all paperless. Import the PDF file into OneNote and you can simply make your notes on the side. Especially when you need to draw graphs or make calculations nothing beats a pen. For now i use a MacBook but i’m going crazy trying to make graphs and calculations on a normal laptop. So i moved to pen and paper again.
But now I’m going for the Eve V because:

  1. Price (in therms what you get it’s a bang for the buck)
  2. I now can have all my documents digital and via cloud always secured and aviable
  3. A digital pen gives you the ability to note what you think withoud typing around and trying to draw someting with your cursor.
  4. No paper anymore :slight_smile:

I just completed a foundation year for engineering and I found using 2-in-1’s to be hella productive. I specifically bought my used SP3 to use it in school as I would then be able to go paperless. This means I did all my math and physic assignments and homework on the device. This is the main pro of using such a device as it allows you to organise stuff alot better. Also when people in class needed help I could just go into my Onenote notebook and pull out the notes I have for that specific chapter, no need to fiddle around in dozens of notebooks. And I can easily share my notes too. If you want I can give you a download link to one of my notebooks(it’s in Norwegian, but it will let you get the idea).

For presentations you can also, as already mentioned, download the pdf and put it in Onenote and make notes beside the slides. It’s better than the usual way of notetaking especially since you will have everything gathered in one place

The flexibility of having a full blown Windows tablet is also fantastic. I mean you will need a laptop for uni anyway, so why not use a 2-in-1. It’s more useful than a tablet, but still brings a similar portability.

Ofcourse there are some comprises though. It takes a little while(a week) to get used to using the stylus, and it’s not the same as writing on paper. Usually you will need to zoom in a bit and write in bigger-than-usual letters to make it readable. This is especially the case since most pens are only accurate within a millimeter(meaning you’d have to move it about a millimeter for it to register input). Atleast this is my experience with a SP4 pen on SP3. The V should offer similar performance.

2-in-1’s are usually premium products too. Meaning that you’ll get less processing power out of your money. For the sum of the SP i7 you could easily get a GTX 1080, i7 gaming laptop. Then again such a laptop sacrifices portability, human interfaces(touch, stylus) and battery time.

All in all I think 2-in-1’s are perfect for uni. When I start aerospace engineering this autumn I’ll look forward to using both my SP3 and my V. Hopefully I’ll be able to get my hand on digital versions of the course material so I can ditch heavy books all together and go for a fully digital solution.


Thx for pointing this out. I start to study engineering in autumn and was planing to do the same thing as you. Nice it worked so well :smiley:


I had a lot of thoughts on it. At the school for IT, I tried to manage a paperless school day with a normal laptop. Impossible. You can’t draw or write a lot psydo code…

Now, I will start studying at the university. I give it a new try with this surface similar device, the eve V. I hope the pen will make me completely paperless :slight_smile: and the runtime is enough too.

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