April Fools' 2018 is here!(Tech)

It’s that time of the year again, and even before the day has begun, companies have started putting up their quirky takes on everyday technology.
Do join in by adding to the discussion with news from the far reaches of the internet.
Let’s begin.


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Eve will not go bankrupt!
April fools

Common we need better jokes

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Man i hope they’re better jokes than yours :no_mouth:

Don’t quit your day job at KFC to become a comedian bruv.

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Help saving GPUs from cryptocurrency mining… by donating Bitcoin.


Oh Hey Guys

Tracey from Corsair just called me and said she forgot to tell you all where to send your donations.

SO she asked me to post the address for her.

They can only accept your donation by snail mail to Australia or the IRS will get it.

Official Corsair GPU Donations
PO Box 757
Western Australia
Australia 6910

Please be sure to include your BTC Account number, email and phone number so they can send you an official receipt.
And remember that your donation is fully tax deductible under section 438C.

maybe on 01.04 team will announce all software updates :smiley: xD

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Oh if Only! I wish that news was true.


Oh… i wonder what into i can find about dat p.o box from fair trading… … mhhh :thinking:


I can see that once again, you’re the brightest candle in the box today.

Thanks for casting your dim light on this PO box subject.

As another of the resident sages on this forum suggested only a short while ago.

“Don’t give up your day job at KFC!”

You’re such a lovely little ray of sunshine in our lives.

Actually legit. Is the ur po box or someone else’s.?


Okay guys, you win.


Have any of you entered in Google Maps?

Let me just say - “I don’t work at KFC and I never did”.

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Physical Gboard keyboard!