Apple WWDC in June

Get ready for possible upgrade and I feel sorry for the consumers who bought MacBook Pro last year with touch-bar who are stuck with an older generation of intel cpu.
Will you buy an Apple product if they did refreshed it or you guys still think the price of Apple product is absurd?

Also E3 is coming up
which new games you guys are hyped for?

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It’s absurd no matter how much they upgrade them. No laptop can cost $2000 and get away with it, that’s just ridiculous. Unless we’re talking about a very high-end graphics card like GTX980M.

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I’m going to upgrade to a newer imac which they hopefully release.
With an improved tdp design plz.
And a dgpu.
No rebrandeon pls.

I suspect we will be seeing the Apple Speaker to compete with Echo and such spotlighted and laptop and ipad announcements as well, but shadowed with the Amazon Echo taking main stage. This space is getting rather crowded and with Siri, Cortana, Alexa and others competing for market presence and Alexa taking the commanding lead in the market, I don’t know where Apple will be going with this, but we’ll see.

I think Apple has lost their knack for innovation.
They still make halfway decent phones, and I applaud their customer service, but they have been playing it safe ever since Steve Jobs died.
I am in no way an Apple “fan boy”, but I do believe they have just the right balance of quality, customer service, and mass production.

I feel that Apple has hit their pinnacle, though, and will just be riding the wave of iOS and the iPhone for a few years to come - sort of like how Microsoft rode the Windows wave from the mid 1990s through until smartphones came to be ubiquitous. They may have to drop their prices to get more customers (especially in emerging markets), but I don’t see anything that will make people Think Different.

As for prices, I have always thought their products were about 20% overpriced.
Then again, they are headquartered in California, where everything is overpriced.*

*(I can say that - I grew up there for 20 years before moving to Texas. I lived about 12 miles outside of San Francisco, and about 50 miles from San Jose/Santa Clara. I thought “expensive” was normal, until I moved away.)


Although the possible introduction of the 10.5" iPad Pro is quite exciting for me, I am more interested in the Kaby Lake 12-inch MacBooks. My 2015 one is kinda dying (Bringing it to the Genius Bar as we’re speaking.)

As a Mac user, I agree. Apple’s excuse of saying that macOS is not designed for touchscreens is absolutely ridiculous. Windows wasn’t a toucscreen-focused device, look how it turned out. The Surface line (and very soon the V) is the perfect demonstration of why Apple should a iPad Pro with macOS (or a better iOS that makes use of the screen space on the iPad)

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Pls stand away with that BS touchscreen, if they do it they will probably charge an insane amount for it.
And you are free to hackintosh the V if you need a touchscreen.

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True, I think someone already did that, but we need a Wifi dongle for the wifi to work

…and they’ll very likely keep selling a cheaper model without touchscreen, just like with the Touch Bar. You may not find a feature useful and you may not need it, but that is no reason for Apple not to make a product with that feature if other people do want it. Different people use different devices differently.


you may also not be able to choose from the same specs…

Lets agree on that.

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