Apple MacBook Pro damaged anti reflecting coating

Hi guys,
I have a MBP 13.3 retina from 2015 model A1502. Yesterday noticed a small spot on the screen and tried to cleaned. Now a have a big “stain” on the screen from vanished anti reflecting coating. After hours of internet research, the only Front Glass available to buy is for model A1278.
My question - Is it going to fit on my laptop.

Maybe you can apply for this.
Apple Extended its MacBook Pro Anti-Reflective Coating Repair Program - MacRumors


Many thanks :slight_smile:
Will go monday to check at Apple store.

If it’s just the anti-reflective coating (which it probably is),
it’s a MacBook (Pro) Retina made between Mid 2012 and Mid 2015 (which it is),
and the device is still within three years from date of purchase (which it is, being a 2015 model) or it’s before October 16th, 2017 (which it also still is)…

…you qualify for free screen replacement per Apple Quality Program OP1564 at any Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider. So when you check in on Monday, that’s likely what’ll happen!


Thank you,
My MacBook was accepted for repair for free.
All went very smooth, only drawback is that it is going to take two weeks until I have it back.


That’s nice to hear :slight_smile:

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