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Apple Events - Apple -Steam for Microsoft Edge.

Your thoughts are very welcome!

Right now it looks like a mix of Samsung S7 and Huawei with 2 cameras :slight_smile: But i like air pods quite much!


Well, there’s one thing I can tell for sure: that DAC shown in the image you posted is total crap. Not worth using with any headphones that cost more than $10 :slight_smile:

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I think Apple is currently like a boat without a captain, doesn’t know where to go, what to do. While prices are high, the experience is becoming not only outdated but also with increasingly more bugs.


@Artur I agree, it has increasingly felt that way. It seems like they’re looking for problems that don’t exist.
Here are my thoughts that I posted on an article that came out asking opinions on this move by Apple:

I find this advancement toward “neutering” the headphone jack idiotic. Removing the headphone jack does nothing for consumers except cause them grief. The very little improvement for audio will not be noticeable to the average consumer, and running standard headphones through an adaptor is going to decrease the quality of audio, since the signal has to travel that much farther, through one extra junction point.