App to organize documents


Do you have an idea if this type of App on Windows exist? ; I am looking for an App where i can put multiple documents separate by Tabs, in only one folio.

Imagine a real folio or a big book with tabs. So we don’t need to open multiples things. Everything would be in one place and place by tabs.

I don’t know if I am clear, but your help is appreciated!


Do you mean something like Microsoft Word, but with tabs? There’s always Google Docs, and you can just have multiple tabs open in Chrome (or whatever other browser you want). Also, at some point, Word will receive an update to allow tabs.

For PDFs, Adobe Acrobat has tabs, and most modern browsers can read PDF files natively.

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OneNote is decent . And if you have a Hotmail or live account the web version is nice.


Look into Windows Sets, it’s an upcoming feature for Windows. If I remember correctly the next update for windows insiders gets it.

how about

A personal wiki on your computer


since when did we start using “apps” to refer to software, I still rmb the days of “programs”

anyway, to your question, you might be looking for windows explorer replacements. There are paid ones and free ones, paid ones I’d recommend Opus, free ones would be xplorer2 or something like that, just search for those keywords i highlighted above.


since those gosh darn no-goodnik kids started running all over your lawn, gramps!

lol, i dunno. phones apps, i bet. we’s getting old, brah.

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OneNote is best, esp. if you consider using a V (or Surface Pro) as your main device, as it supports scribbling and note taking with a pen very well.

I suggest you also install Office Lens on your phone (Android, iPhone) and couple it with your Office 365 / account - makes filing paper documents a snap.

I confirm, OneNote is really a good match. Way better then Evernote for example and Îve used it the last one for several years and switched to onenote over one year ago. Of course it’s not perfect but I love a lot of their features, the management, the snapshots feature, touchscreen, injecting media…
Evernote is not bad of course.

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I’ve used ZIM for over a year and I have found it very easy to use. It has a tree view for all documents and tabs for recently opened files. And it saves everything as text files to your local hard drive, which is nice at work where saving your work notes to a remote service is a big no-no.

I’ve no idea how well it works with touchscreen though, will have to see that when I get my V :slight_smile:

I’m not that old, but i agree with you here! It drives me nuts that everything is called an “app” nowadays. To me, programs > apps.
An app is a silly little game or phone software you use until you can gain access to your real computer.


Lke its said one note ist THE one youmshould really have a closer look to. The one out of the office suite even is able to recognize handwriting exellentely. Great choice.

Tiddlywiki is a great tool! I use it to organize a lot of thoughts in a searchable way. I guess you could also use it to reference other existing documentation as well.

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yes, it’s the most versatile note-taking tool I know and much more

look at this: - you can use tiddlywiki the way you want, it just has all the options and possibilities

@BurningTree can you make a little demo maybe ?

@jhakonen does it have snapshots functionality ?

What do you mean by snapshots?


there are lots of examples, because you can store it locally or online, how you choose.

See this user-created list of tools and wikies: