Aorus FV43U 43" Gaming Monitor

On a side note, this is some serious competition, price side also:

Waiting 'till September, than this will be my monitor, no cap.

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Dayumn, true 10 Bit + 1,000 nits, I want it

Hm thinking about refunding and getting that, same price as what I’ve paid so far

Serious competition for what, LG TVs? Compared to Spectrum it’s not even in the same class of monitors - VA instead of IPS, 60% larger diagonal which won’t fit on most people’s desks as opposed to 27" or at least 32".

Not that their monitor/TV isn’t a great product, and kudos to Gigabyte for keeping the price pressure on across their model line-up.


Exactly, It looks like a fantastic display, but it’s not exactly what I would call a PC monitor. It’s larger than most of the TV’s I had growing up.