Anyone with a V in Spain?

Hi there!

Just wondering. Has anyone received a V in Spain, or is going to get one anytime soon?

I’d love to see and feel the device before buying, and I thought that having community members show it to me would be even better than going to a retail store (which is, of course, not an option).

So, is anyone up to a “V User Meeting Spain” (VUMS!), or just to meet in any city if we happen to be nearby?

I know a map was created for that purpose, but it’s not complete and forum nicknames are missing, so I don’t know how to contact anyone. And I don’t know if there’s a way to browse the userbase and filter people by country, so instead I just searched the forums.

So far I managed to find @emili @neti @rubikcat and @nacho. I also think @Moof lives in Spain, and @Cobone was moving here soon. Correct me if I’m wrong! And no pressure, of course, feel free to answer only if you feel like meeting :rofl:

I am in Spain (or, at least for now, we’ll see what happens with the elections today), but haven’t received mine, yet. Probably won’t now, til after the new year.

If you’re in the Barcelona area, feel free to look me up when I have received it, though!


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Thanks, @Moof! I’m not in BCN but I go there from time to time, so I’ll let you know.

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Valencia here!

I’m a LB i7 16gb 512gb, so I guess I’ll get my V in the next weeks/january.

Where are you @eldelacajita ? And the rest of spaniards?


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I’m from Alicante, living in Madrid right now.

Hi, I am also LB so no V yet. As soon as I get it I will let you know. I am living in barcelona

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I am in Xabia for the winter and not expecting mine to arrive till after I go to New Zealand unfortunately.

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Haven’t ordered one yet, but I’m in Fuengirola.

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I travel often to madrid, barcelona, malaga, lugo, alicante, sevilla… among others. So, once i get mine which hope will be tomorrow (ooohhhh feels great to say that… XDD ), we can connect in any of those places if you want to see it.

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Sorry if I use this thread, but my question would be similar.
Has anyone of the HEB received his order in Italy?