Anyone using Windows 10 LTSB on their V?

So I don’t have my V yet, but I should soon, provided all goes well.
Now, I’ve recently been (looking into) switching my machines to a barebones (NTLite) version of Windows 10 LTSB.

For those that don’t know what I’m talking about: please read here.

Does anyone have any insights as to pros and cons of doing this on the V?
I’m thinking driver updates offered through Windows Update, Store Apps that might be necessary for V features, aspects affected that might have alternative(/manual) approaches instead etc etc


Pinging @iKirin specifically as I suspect he’ll probably have the most inside knowledge^^?

If you are working with containers or docker as me, I would’nt recommend this kind of approach since hyper is far from being stable or finished. At each RS, we have counted numerous changes in hyper networking or I/O management etc
And on a more general note about hyper-V we are still waiting for a complete compatibility for all OSes or even the support for nested virtualization and it’s totally doable with a dual core machine.

For the other features that w10 brings, I usually don’t care so I don’t know your interests in it, but with most of RS release we always see too an upgrade in usability of the Linux project into Windows.

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Long story short - I don’t know much about LTSB but I think that since we offer drivers as manual downloads and don’t have anything pre-installed that does not come with Win10 by default (except CalMAN ) so there should be no issues.


The point of LTSB though is being on a 2-to-3-yearly release schedule as opposed to the semi-annual one.
So changes from one RS to the next shouldn’t be felt in that case (or rather: at a much later point in time); the 1803 Intel SSD fuck-up for example, but going off of what you’re saying that would apply to the container stuff as well, no?
Most of the time I’ll be RDPing into my VMs running on my server anyway :slight_smile:
In any case, thanks for the insight!

Gotcha! That’s what I thought, but figured I’d verify anyway :slight_smile:

Sounds like it’ll come down to not going overboard in what to strip in NTLite.
I might post my config when I get it up and running for my lightweight version of Windows, for those interested^^

No problem. Anyway if you experience any problem you can always dig your way into reinstall the full version.
Or you could use nano version if you really need windows to provide some specific services

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