Anyone use the V in portrait on its kickstand?

Possibly the wrong area for this. I have my V hooked up to an exernal monitor and have it set up in portrait. I really like it that way, things like Slack look better. I’m a bit worried about how good the kickstand is in portrait mode though. Has it been designed to be placed like this, or is portrait mode only for when you can hold the device? I don’t want to place it in a way it’s not been designed for in case I crack it (again, LOL, oh wait :sob: )

The other annoying thing is the fingerprint sensor is on my desk, but I can live with that.

With the kickstand open, V will fall on its face. (Well, mine at least does this)
What i do is put a small notepad just under the V, but not under the kickstand, so that it stays a little tilted to the back.

Why don’t you do something like this?


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Nice. Would prefer a more minimalistic / pretentious stand but that’s the idea

I put it back in landscape again, did not want to risk a crack upon a crack

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It’s probably best to use an additional stand for portrait…

Just google for images of “picture stand” or “photo stand” or “tablet stand” and there’s a lot of different approaches and ideas available for using your V in portrait (or landscape).

Some are obviously better for tablet use and some less so, but there’s lots of different ones available - for practically every taste or use.

It’s even simple to make one yourself for example from cardboard if you’re into recycling :wink:

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